Your Body

I am busy reading a book by Deepak Chopra called Power, Freedom and Grace  : 

I would like to share some interesting bits out of this book. I am breaking it down into small articles rather than one long piece as I think this will be better to read and remember. Take an article with you each day to ponder on (I make small cards of each saying/article and leave in where I can see it throughout the day, then change the next day to a new card – this is almost like saying a mantra each day – it stays in your mind and in your heart). I hope this will help you in your life journey – it is certainly helping me to understand more about myself, my life here on Earth and how the Universe works.


Your body is a sacred temple where you have stopped for a few moments on your cosmic journey:

  • Keep this temple/body clean and pure
  • Listen to its cries for pleasure and even ecstasy
  • You are a privileged child of the universe, this is your abode for now
  • You are on a journey of healing and transformation
  • Right now this body of yours is an opportunity for your next life of creativity


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