Weekend in Paris by Robin Sisman

Weekend in Paris is a light read and is more suitable for younger readers but I liked the story and the adventure that Molly Clearwater experiences in this one WEEKEND IN PARIS.  Molly is 21 year old. She learns that Confidence comes through action, that the only approval you need is your own, and the fastest way to improve your self-confidence is to do the exact thing you fear. She has never been outside of her home town and is now being sent to Paris by her boss, Malcolm, who has ulterior motives about this trip. Malcolm is a womanizer and is planning to seduce Molly like he did all the other women at his company. Will Molly survive the test? The weekend will change Molly’s life  – forever!

She meets Fabice who shows her Paris like she will never see it again. Excitement, wild rides on the back of a scooter, new friends and parties all weekend long. Changing her wardrobe from drab to daring, Molly learns that to accept everything you are — and aren’t —  is what true happiness is. At the end of the weekend she realises that what matters most is how she sees herself. What others say about her is a reflection of them, not her. She is good enough even for a stranger that she meets for the first time.

Molly grows up very quickly over the period of this weekend and discovers that there is only one you for all time. Be fearlessly true to yourself.

Molly’s character grows from being very naive, to becoming a young adult who believes in herself. Robin writes in a easy to read style and the book is never boring, but fun to read with a lot of hilarious incidents. A quick read for a lazy weekend.

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