To Be One’s Own Boss

A visit to the Nanhua Temple, situated in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, South Africa, is a wonderful experience. It is a beautiful peaceful place to go and relax and to meditate. I love the beautiful setting and temples and the friendly people you meet there.

While on my visits there, I always take the latest Nanhua Newsletter. The article below was in one of the older newsletters. This is the full article as it appeared in the newsletter.

To be One’s Own Boss

by Grand Master Hsing Yun

Be Your Own Boss | Spiritual Awakening
Be Your Own Boss | Spiritual Awakening

A general may command a million brave soldiers in battle, but he may not be able to deal with his own wife at home. One may lead a crowd of people, but oftentimes may be unable to control his own worries. It is easy to be the head of a household, or the mayor, or even the ruler of a country, but it is very difficult to be one’s own boss. For instance, can one control one’s worries when one is sick? Can one control one’s own death?

In your lifetime, have you ever thought about how to manage your time and be your own boss? How much time do you allocate for studying, working, and dedicating yourself to serving others? Or even for travelling and visiting abroad, meditating, and cultivating? Have you thought about how to manage your space and fully utilize the space in your home: its bedrooms, living room, study, and garden? Do you make full use of your office, and even public places such as parks, theatres, and department stores, in order to further expand the scope of your life?

Have you thought of how to properly budget your money? Have you allocated the appropriate amounts for living expenses, donations, savings, and for your children’s education? Have you planned in such a way that you have no worries? Some may, out of greed lend money at high interest rates. But when the usurer goes bankrupt, then all of the money is lost. This shows he does not know how to manage his own money.

Be Your Own Boss | Spiritual Awakening
Be Your Own Boss | Spiritual Awakening

If you want to be a good head of the household, you must be able to benefit your family members. You will need to educate them and take care of their public needs as well as their travel expenditures and medical costs. For if you cannot solve their problems, how can you be their “boss”? By the same token, if you cannot take good care of yourself, how can you be your own boss? If you want to be your own boss, you must develop a strong sense of awareness, enhance your abilities, and have a well-thought out plan for the future.

In reality, it is extremely hard to be one’s own boss because one cannot control what the eyes want to see, what the ears want to hear, or what the mind wants to think. Therefore, if you want to be your own boss, you should have your own opinion, and keep Chan, wisdom, and the Buddha in your mind. Equipped with these causes and conditions, when you also apply perseverance and determination, you may one day be able to be your OWN BOSS!


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