The Mantra of Protection

I used this Mantra of protection a few days ago to protect me from a jealous person.  I had a heated discussion with someone whom I know. I became angry towards this person about a trivial thing. We flung angry words at each other and I knew this person would never understand the changes they needed to make and what was expected of them.

They always wanted everything their own way and never wanted to compromise. I was stubborn too but had to stand up for what was right and demanded that changes be made which caused a very bad and negative vibe for the rest of the day.  I was drained and angry and also felt I had made an enemy.



 The Mantra of Protection:




Mantra of Protection | The Green Tara Mantra
Mantra of Protection | The Green Tara Mantra

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Read more about this powerful mantra here



I was scared that maybe this person might harm me, not physically, but perhaps by hexing me, or wishing me ill. I did not know what to do and thought it over.  The next morning I remembered the Green Tara Mantra for protection (above).  I looked it up and it is said that you can use this Mantra as a protection from all things or people that want to cause you harm, as well as jealousy, and many more.

Every time this person was in my vicinity I said this mantra aloud and called on the Green Tara to help me. I repeated the mantra throughout the day, and by midday I could feel that the anger and negativity was subsiding a little.

Then that afternoon I had a warning sign from my Spiritual Guides. This person was not going give up and still had bad feelings towards me. The sign was a fly, buzzing around in my office all afternoon. It was unusual for a fly to ever get into my office, so I thought it strange when it persisted in buzzing around me. I was annoyed but ignored it at first, but it kept on coming back as if to tell me something. I was sure my Spiritual Guides were warning me to be on the lookout for this person.  I looked up the meaning of the fly on “Dream Moods”.


The fly could represent an irritating and annoying person in your life. Perhaps someone does not know how to mind their business.

The next day a black and yellow beetle got stuck in my hair,  it flew away but came back again and still later in the afternoon there was another one in my hair! Again, I had to look up the significance (if any).


To see a beetle, indicates that some destructive influences may be at work in your waking life.

I knew this person just wanted to annoy me to get their own way in the situation. So I just ignored the person and carried on with my daily tasks but still said my mantra and the rest of the day went by without any more hiccups. The bad vibes were still there, but I could deal with it, because I knew the Green Tara will look after me and protect me. Seeing and feeling that the Green Tara helped me through this ordeal, gave me courage and I know I can call on her any time in future when I need help.

Use mantra’s in your daily life to protect you, encourage you, heal you, when you are meditating and to keep you calm in stressful situations.

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  1. I love this mantra! I say it whenever I feel my courage draining away, or know that there is a hard time up ahead. The Green Tara is like a protective cloak being drawn around you.
    Thanks for the amazing article!

  2. use the mantra “so ham”….. it will generate the feeling of oneness with the cosmos. Use “so” for inhaling and “ham” for exhaling. It will give joy and happiness to the self.

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