The Mafia Chasing Me!

I am crossing a big main road. The road is wide with 4 lanes. I stop in the middle for a car to pass then start to walk across the road again. I have a pretty dress on and the weather is nice and sunny and warm. It does not feel like my own country (South Africa) that I live in but like another country. Not sure where I am.

The next moment a big black car stops to let me cross the road. 

BLACK-LIMO-8-passenger (1)

I start to walk to the other side and the car keeps on following me. The man in the back seat is and older man and huge. He has a look of authority. He has a hat on. He looks like a Mafia leader. 



He opens the car door and tells me to get inside the car. I do not know this man and tell him NO! I will not get in. He gets angry with me and tells me again to get inside the car! I get such a fright and starts to run away from him. He gets out of his car and follows me. I start to run away from him and run into a garden at a nearby house. I run down some stairs in the garden. I find a door at the side of the house and run inside. I want to lock the security gate but cannot find a key for the lock. I hear the Mafia man getting closer and closer. He is in the garden! I hear his footsteps. I cannot find the key to lock the gate! I am terrified. I shout to someone inside the house to help me find the key. An old man (it looks like my grandpa) brings me a key but we both struggle to lock the gate and the Mafia man is getting closer and closer to the house. We hear him just outside the door. I grab something, a piece of furniture, and throw it towards the Mafia man. He just keeps coming at me – nothing can scare him off or stop him. He is getting closer and closer…… I am so scared…. what am I going to do!

 I wake up, feeling drained and so sad and frightened……..


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