(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

Gender is in everything

Everything has its masculine and feminine principles

Gender manifests in all planes.

– The Kybalion

God is thought (Chi/Prana) that exists everywhere, has intelligence and has the power to create and this is shown in the Law of Gender. The Law of Gender is the creative force that runs from the inner into the outer world. It is the force of the Gods and the power of the giants.

If we want to understand The Law of Gender we have to also understand Yin & Yang, Masculine and Feminine. The Law of Gender do not refer to the physical differences between men and women. These differences are only one small manifestation of the law. This law is used in a much larger context and refers to creation or production.

Gender refers to a division of labour or effort which is needed for all creativity.  It is found within the operations of some of the following although there are many more:

  • heat
  • light
  • electricity
  • magnetism
  • attraction
  • repulsion

The forces (masculine and feminine) are the great mystery of the Universe. Masculine energy is attracted to feminine principles when they unite; they form a union that assure that the creative process will be realized. Both masculine and feminine energies are essential as the masculine energy directs itself to the feminine energy. This starts the creative process. The feminine energy does the active creative work, and it’s doing it on all planes.

Part of our development, maturity and spiritual growth is the ability to use both sets of energies. The use of these energies depends on the specific situations we find ourselves in. Feminine energies are sometimes viewed as weak, but when we use our feminine energies it will bring about a balance that will enable us to become co-creators with spirit. We sometimes fear to use masculine energies because of fear of failure or success.

Masculine (Yin) and Feminine (Yang) energies are found on all planes: the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

Femine / YIN

– It creates live.

– The receptive side of humanity is often called the negative side, the feminine or YIN.

– This force creates, spirit ideas, weaves the threads to make the tapestry into a work of art.

Masculine / YANG

– Is the positive side.

– This force is directed toward the creative force of the feminine principle.

– It is the originator of ideas and actions.

The bodies and brains of male and female are different in significant ways, but both sexes have the need and the abilities to use both the masculine and the feminine energies. Both must be present in the creation process. Both sexes need to develop these skills.

We each have access to both male and female energies. Both men and women can perform both sets of functions; they just do it in different ways:

The male brain usually emphasizes left brain thinking:

  • this is suited for analytic functions
  • they culminate in the skill of beginning an action

The female brain demonstrates more right-brain activity that is suited for synthetic functions.

When we learn about our missions in life, we become confident to act and begin these missions. We know how to act in a correct manner when the Yin + Yang are balanced perfectly in our soul. If we balance the masculine and feminine principles within us we can come to a point of androgyny, the state of mental balance. This aligns us with the Higher Self.

If we wish to advance and grow in our lives it is important that we understand The Law of Gender. When we understand this law it will help to command everything in the physical world. We will be guided and tested until we are experts at manifestation and creation. To truly create in the physical world we must learn to balance the Yin + Yang within us to such a point where it is stable. To get this right we need to master how to receive dreams and visions and how to turn these dreams and visions into reality by creating in the physical world. When we are able to create and implement ideas, we can position ourselves in the field of Oneness. Very few souls ever achieve this kind of command over nature or over themselves. This is why so few of us ever become Masters.

By learning positive thoughts and actions we will grow and advance into the 5th Dimension. Some examples of positive actions and thoughts are:

– gentleness

– patience

– humility

– self-control

– graciousness of speech

– sympathy

– wisdom

In full spiritual development, masculine and feminine energies are understood and expressed by both women and men. By this expression we manifest the fullness of the human and 3rd Dimensional experiences.

Universes have been created when the feminine principle was unleashed. But they have been created only when this was ignited and balanced with the masculine energy. Feminine energies have been suppressed on Earth for centuries. It has been suppressed by cultures, societies, individuals, sexes and institutions. This resulted in creation been stifled and destruction looms at every turn. The masculine aggressiveness has thrown all things out of balance leaving the world to wander aimlessly until the power can be restored.

The Importance of Learning The Law of Gender:

It is important that we learn this law as it will give us power and it will teach us to become co-creators with God. Learn to balance all your thoughts, emotions, words and actions with the principles of positive and negative responses.

The Higher self is androgynous and wants to unite with the lower 8 bodies. It cannot form the union until the lower bodies are balanced with the Yin + Yang energies. Ascension will not happen until the union is perfect. Learn to listen to the higher guidance of your inner voice. Read each message with the masculine energy in the forefront of your minds and direct all initial impulses to the intuitive feminine nature. Put the meaning of these messages into action. This is done through the creative process of the feminine energy. Discipline the mind, heart and emotional bodies to follow the guidance of the Higher Self.

If and when we realize the balance within us we can look forward to the Golden Age, which has been predicted for the Millennium. The cosmic conditions are ripe for the feminine energy to be restored on the planet; the Age of Aquarius has promised this. The Earth will venture into this new era and the balance will come forth.

When you live by these Laws, your soul will soar, for the Light that these laws bring will set you free.

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