The Law of Correspondence

(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

To understand the Law of Correspondence, we need to understand the 3 planes of existence:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spriritual

The above 3 planes comprise the basis for operations and governs the harmony and energy convergence of the soul wishing to bring Heaven on Earth.

The meaning of “Correspondence” is that all “things” existing within these planes of existence, (seen or unseen) exist in harmony or agreement with the ALL.

If we “see” and realize that each one of us IS A PART OF THIS WONDROUS FORCE FIELD, then we are destine to move forward in time and become demigods.

If we remain separate, and never see this connection, we will pass out of embodiment in a separated state of existence.

Agreements have been made in the Universal Mind that all are in harmony with Divine Law. This Universal Mind is the force field/Golden Liquid Light called the God Force.

The Law of Correspondence is the Law that holds the Oneness together.


– There is only ONENESS.

– One plane of existence is affected by another and one plane affects another. All occur simultaneously.

– The Celestial Realms and angelic devices and elemental Kingdoms all are interconnected with decisions humans make on Earth.  All are one and all correspond to one another.

– We are all truly in harmony – one to another. Nothing in the universe exists separately in or isolation.

– Even if we humans are limited to what we see and experience, we are not separated from the larger picture of the macrocosm.

– The physical manifest world around us is so strong that it keeps many in a state of unconsciousness.  If we are awaken we can achieve great things and will usher in the new millennium for the Children of the Golden Dawn.

– Going  within allows the Initiate to connect the mind to other planes and dimensions of reality. It is here that the soul connects with the ALL.  When this connection is made, all power is returned.

– In the journey comes the awakening that all dimensional realities are connected.

– It is the wisest of souls who learns how to access the other realms.  If we begin to realize this truth, the world takes on a new meaning.  With this knowledge, power within the mind and heart begins to grow.

– Spirit is Light. We need to learn to illumine the mind and the heart with the Light of the God Force.

– Become one with your destiny.  THE TIME IS NOW.







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  1. So lovely to hear! When there is so much inner and external turmoil,anger due to hunger,homelessness,killings,thievinghow does one close one’s eyes and ears to that so ad to have that inner peace? That enables one to connect with one’s angels?

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