The Law of Attraction

(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

What is hidden within will dictate what will appear on the outside.

El Moya

The Law of Attraction is an extension of the Law of Vibration. We create or attract things, events, and people that come into our lives.

We need to monitor our thoughts, feelings, words and actions because they produce energies and these energies attract like energies. We need to  stay positive.

Negative energies attract negative energies.

Positive energies attract and produce positive energies.

But to stay positive all the time is difficult in our world of today with all the negativity around us.

For example; we need to take care what we watch on TV. A lot of violence are portrayed on TV and this result in us feeling negative.

We live in a negative world where crime, violence, distress, and painful situations are thrown at us from every angle. This makes it difficult for us to separate our personal thoughts and images from that which is not of one’s own essence.

A positive outlook on life will produce optimistic views and promote better outcomes in our lives. Staying positive  will influence the Tests of Initiation; these tests are designed to increase our learning.

El Moya reveals the secrets of the Law of Attraction:

  • The Law frustrates many souls on the spiritual path, for it mirrors to them that what is hidden within.
  • The Law of Attraction demonstrates the Power of the mind, the heart and the will to project what is within and the Universes ability to respond to this energy.
  • It is like a cosmic magnet that draws to the person everything he/she focuses on –  that is why we need to watch our thoughts, words, emotions and actions carefully to make sure that all hidden or negative images surrounded with our emotions are not embedded within us.
  •  Inner thoughts and emotions determine the level  at which we vibrate. This is TRUTH. 
  • Our vibrational rate is a frequency.  This inner frequency creates a signal that is emitted outward.
  • When this signal is emitted it begins to draw to it other things that lives on that same frequency.
  • What is hidden within will dictate what will appear on the outside.

Tests of Initiation:

  • The Law of Attraction draws to  the soul our Tests of Initiation.
  • Our Higher Self understand every weakness within us. These weaknesses creates a “void” or character flaw and this must be “polished”.
  • Our Higher Self is programmed to fill the Earth’s  void (frequency) that has not been learned  or mastered with experiences needed to assure personal growth.
  • When we have learned our lessons, and or when our vibrational rate rises higher, the Tests never come back again. This is because the soul  rises above the vibrational level of these Tests.
  • When the soul is on a higher level, it will receive only experiences that vibrate on this new level.
  • The higher our levels rise, the better and better our lives become.

The Law of Attraction controls the rate and sequence of events that impact a person’s life.

Control over our mental and emotional bodies will help us to experience that which has been carefully programmed into our conscious and subconscious mind.

If we do not master our mental and emotional bodies, we will feel like a ship being tosses about stormy waters.

shipstorm1.jpg LOA Article

The Law of Attraction can be frustrating to many because some of us do not understand that what is delivered to the sender is what is built from within. We cannot escape this.


Great discernment and disciplining is needed to master this Law. Parents need to guide their children better. We need to select more carefully that which is allowed into our auric fields:

  • Choose your friends, your surroundings, what you read and watch on TV more carefully.
  • Associate with the POSITIVE.

As Earth approaches the 5th Dimension, there’s  a huge increase in stimuli. We need to protect our most precious “commodity” – our MIND!

Practise control of your thoughts and emotions. This will dictate your vibrational frequency. If we can learn to control our vibrations at all times, and learn to live on a Higher frequency closer to Light, then we can control the events and souls that come into our lives.

There are exceptions to the Law of Attraction:

  • The contracts we make between lifetimes can negate the effects of this Law.
  • The Great Ones who come to earth to fulfil missions of God enter the Earth’s atmosphere with the blueprint for transmitting designated energies for the world.
  • These blueprints hold certain information and instructions on how to transmute knowledge, thoughts, emotions, and events.
  • When the blueprints are activated, the Universe responds to the frequencies programmed within and calls the images, people, and events to be played out.

The most Radiant One – Jesus

jesus 4

Jesus only has the vibrations of compassion and forgiveness within his essence, that is why he was selected to fulfill his role.  Jesus’ vibrational frequency was measured to be the highest on Earth. The people’s consciousness was so dark and low that a very high vibration was needed to fulfill the painful events of transmitting the sins of the world. The strength of the Light was necessary to consume and transform the negativity of humanity. It was because of his intense, radiant Light that the Law could be fulfilled, but it took extreme circumstances to fulfill prophecy.

We need to learn the meaning and significance of all the Laws, and need to apply them in our lives, and see how we truly are the co-creator with the Divine. The Heavenly Force will assist us in our endeavors.

If we hold our thoughts on God and on the Light, then we shall  see  wonderment of our inner lives as it begins to spring forth the fruits of the essence.

See the Light in your daily meditation and prayer and you will be drawn to all that is of the Highest.



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  1. Dear Leticia, please pass this message along to Shirley if you would be so kind. “Shirley, God has brought me to think of you and to find this page. I am so lucky to have found you again after so many years. I am so glad that I happened upon this webpage. I so badly needed to read your words of positivity and inspiration! A lot has happened to me since we last spoke in DC, health related, and I have been doing a lot of soul searching. I so needed to read your inspiring words today. You have been thought of a lot over the past 10 years or so, fondly and with much admiration. Thank you for your life’s work and sharing it with the rest of us. Much love, light and friendship to you”

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