(Yogi Bhajan’s poem for teachers)

Your identity shifts. You are a teacher.

Your mind has but one calling:

to love, serve, obey, and excel!

People come to you.

They find you according to their destiny.

They come with divided minds.

They suffer from the conflicts

that you have now mastered.

They long to experience the unisonness

of their spirit.

You elevate the life of each person and

deliver the touch of grace.

You chisel off the final remnants of ego.

Then you pull them toward the Infinite as you

confront the pieces of their fractured identity and ask

them to elevate themselves.

You bless all to find their innocence,

integrity and commitment.

As a tool in the hand of God, you deliver each person

back to an experience of the Infinite self.

Acting only as needed.

Through the grace of God and Guru,

deliver them to the feet of the Guru.