Solving Issues in a Loving Way- (A Student Poem)

Clashing, clawing, tossing words like daggers,
as out of control their hearts beat..
At each other like wild Fire-birds,
feathers flying at ten thousand feet..
As they lock together,
spiraling to the bottom of the canyons below..
Their eyes meet..
Savage as the untamed beast with laser glare,
the heat of the moment continued,
without retreat..
And then, catching their breath,
knowing the rocks below await if they did not break..
Gazes soften, eyes widen, pulses slow..
The beauty of each, as a mirror they unclench,
releasing the grip,
that would spell their destiny..
She gracefully spreads those spectacular wings,
he boldly shadows her beauty, her grace..
Both recognizing they are one and the same..
Stunning creatures of the same God..
Drifting now on currents of faith..
Like fine wine filling a glass,
love spreads thru their bodies, their souls at last..
Replacing the madness, replacing the heat,
with the deftness of Angels,
the tips of their wings touch..
The love in their eyes tell the story as such..
Why were they arguing, a cloud may wonder,
As they laugh and faint, who cares is an answer..
I see you her eyes say..
I see you his eyes say..
Together..Namaste my love..