We Need Others

We need others.

We need others to love and we need to be loved by them.

There is no doubt that without it, we too,

like the infant left alone,

would cease to grow,

cease to develop,

choose madness and even death

Lessons from a Garden

In the spring I planted seeds….
Just a few of this, and a few of that
When the first shoots peeked out from the dark earth, I smiled
And I knew then, all was possible

Then the shoots turned to plants…. tiny promising flowers
That reminded me of how I am always just beginning
Of times that I tried to create before I was ready
And so I plucked each small blossom with a gratuitous prayer
Believing that such sacrifice would surely bring abundance
Branches burst forth….and then died back….
I fought through barbed jungles of vines and stalks
I tore and primped… I dug and covered….
I made executive decisions…
My garden lurched and bucked, answered and reached…
Suddenly sunflowers grew like skyscrapers
Tomatoes stood like pregnant women all in a row
It seemed our family would never go hungry
It seemed that there would always be enough
Again I smiled
Aware of what I was capable of
Growth Unlimited
Death and Rebirth
Record breaking heights
Constant Transformation
Nourishing those that care enough to support me in my growth
I am a garden
My garden is me
Some change is small
Some change is large
Who are we to say which is which?
I think I’ll plant some seeds again this next spring…
Just to remind myself …of what I might become
Of what I already am