New Year – Better Year

Make the new year a better year. Let’s try and add the following to our lives to make our future better.

Live your truth.

Express your love.

Share your enthusiasm.

Take action towards your dreams.

Get excited about your goals.

Grind like you still got a point to prove.

Network with the right people – get rid of the ones that are not.

Step out of your comfort zones.

Be brave when it comes to challenges.

Feed your mind.

Go out there and make things happen.

Complain less.

Stop negative habits.

Keep your circle positive.

Smile, laugh and love often.

Make kindness a priority.

Keep counting your blessings.

Talk about the things you love.

Try new things out.

Travel when you can.

Live in your means.

Spend more time with your loved ones.

Take good care of your body and soul.

Make happiness a priority.

Love louder.

Achieve Success

I read this very good excerpt from the very good book Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen. I do recommend this book. It has the most rewarding stories that one can use every day. This excerpt is especially a good one to remember when one wants to achieve success in your life.

” Trying harder doesn’t always work.

Sometimes we need to do something radically different to achieve greater levels of success.

We need to break out of our paradigm prisons, our habit patterns, and our comfort zones”.