Summer in South Africa is spectacular. Warm, sunny days. Especially down on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal where you can enjoy the SUN, SEA, SAND, and SURF. 

My husband and I enjoyed our annual summer holiday on the South Coast of Natal during December 2017.  The best way to enjoy a summer holiday is lying on the beach every day (weather permitting) and this is just what we did. We took along our umbrella, beach towels and a picnic basket filled with delicious sandwiches, cool drinks, and locally bought fruits like mangos, grapes, and litchis. Yummy! One can taste the summer in these fruits. While relaxing on the beach the sounds of summer are all around you – the waves crashing on the rocks, kids running around, happy, laughing, playing in the sand and swimming in the tidal pool. Even the dogs that visit the beach along with their owners are happily running around chasing after a ball and playing in the shallow waves that wash up on the beach. One dog, in particular, was so cute when he dug holes searching for small crabs. He would dig a big hole and sniff to see if there is a crab, if not then move away and dig another big hole a bit further on. At one stage he dug a hole so big that half of his body was “buried” in the hole, but alas could not find a crab.

What makes a summer holiday even more special is the bright colours you see everywhere around you: bright pink, yellow, red, blue – these are the colours of summer. Look at all the beach toys: buckets, spades, brightly coloured hula hoops, small nets for catching the small fish in the pool at low tide, bright umbrellas scattered all over the beach and bright towels and umbrellas – this is SUMMER! And do not forget the smells of summer: candy floss, all pink and blue and fluffy and sweet and bright red and green toffee apples as well as Ice Cream. This is what SUMMER is all about!

Reading is a big favourite of mine when on holiday. I visit second-hand books shops before I go and stock up on some good reading material. At the second-hand bookshops, you can get good books at a fraction of the price. I always look for books by unknown authors and this way has found some real gems. I do not get much time during my normal working days to read, but come the holidays I can forget about all the stresses of a busy office and just lose myself in a beautiful romantic novel.

My husband and I try to spend as much time as possible on the beach when we are on our summer holiday. I love the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks, splashing over the tidal pools shooting foam up into the air. Standing close enough to the breaking waves, you can feel the sea water spray on your face. This is so calming. It touches my heart and my soul. We go for long walks on the beach, climbing along the rocks where I search in and around the pools at low tide for small rocks which I can take home to decorate my garden with. I love rocks, all kinds, especially rocks that are washed up on the beach, all rounded off by the tides of the sea.

Though we had some rain during our summer holiday at the beach, it has not dampened my spirit at all as I caught up on my reading and colouring-in. I recently took up colouring-in for adults. My daughter bought me a colouring-in book and pencils a few months ago for my birthday and I must confess I have not been making use of it as much as I should have. While packing for our summer holiday I remembered my colouring-in set and decided to take it with on holiday. What a good decision as I now spend most of my free time colouring-in. It is so relaxing and gives me the confidence to look at the pictures I have just finished colouring-in and think to myself: “Well done! Not bad at all. Not as good as Van Gogh but really a good effort”.  I did look up some techniques on YouTube on how to really make the colouring-in look more professional and after some practice, I must say my efforts look better and better each day and less like a Grade one kid’s first colouring-in experience (ha ha) .

My husband and I are moving down to Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast in a few years. I hope (permitting the old age and stiff limbs – haha ), I will still be fit enough to then do Yoga on the beach with the sound of the waves in the background, the sun shining on my skin and the breeze in my hair. Walking on the beach early every morning just as the sun rises over the horizon, watching the day unfolding over the sea. There is no better way to spend the rest of your life than living by the coast.

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