The Storm by Letecia Pheiffer

Thunder and lightning adorn the sky above

Bringing down the rain

Causing a lot of people so much strain.

They cover up their heads

And run in despair

As some of them lose

Their most valuable affairs

Houses and roads gets washed away

Who will help them sort out this bad array?

There is another furious crash

Thunder sounds like a hot lash

It’s fierce and wild, I must say

Who can take this storm away?

Thank you God, I have a dry roof over my head

What do the homeless have instead?

They are left out in the cold and wet

What do they have to keep them from the threat

A thunder bolt lit the sky again, full of anger

It shouts out all its and danger

Please God, keep us all safe tonight

From this forceful storm alight.

Author: Letecia Pheiffer

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