Stop The Wars!

We are all fighting in a war at the moment – a war with ourselves. Our minds and thoughts say one thing, but our souls want another; society, yet another.

  • What do we really want in life?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • Who will win this war?

These are questions we have to ask ourselves every day. Many of us are not in a situation financially, culturally or intellectually to improve our current situations and to better ourselves and the lives of our immediate family. This makes us wrathful and full of anger – we start fighting with ourselves, those around us and then eventually with the world. Why can we not all be rich, intelligent, and beautiful?

Many of us struggle. We live from day to day without a future to look forward to. We are just surviving. Wars around the world take away precious time, material gain and intellect from the citizens that live in those war-torn countries. Many of them will never know what it feels like to have freedom, let alone food, water and decent shelter. Many are born during these wars and die in these wars. Their fight for survival is futile. However, the leaders of these countries still live in luxury.

Unfair? Yes! Indeed. Where does one start to change these circumstances? No one really knows.

We also have a war going on inside of us. Outside, worldly influences are attempting to affect us on a daily basis. We are starving, not from food shortages, but from lack of spiritual nourishment. We are so busy trying to stay on top of the career ladder, wanting to better ourselves all the time (and there is nothing wrong with bettering yourself or having goals in life), that we grossly neglect our spiritual lives.

It’s as if having enough material possessions allow us to slack on our spirituality. Money will keep us safe! One day a disaster will strike and you will lose all your belongings, money, and other worldly possessions. It can happen so quickly! Fire, floods, earthquakes. What do you have left in the end? Nothing!

Stop The Wars!
Stop The Wars!

It’s just like war– once it hits a country, what’s left of that country? Nothing! All the buildings are ruined, there’s no food, clothing, nothing. All the citizens need to build a new life again after a war has ended. And some wars go on for many years, and the country just gets poorer and poorer.

How can we all stop this from happening in the first place? If we can all agree with each other and work together, especially the word leaders, we can prevent wars from breaking out. This is easier said than done. We will always have differences in opinions, greediness, hate, etc. What we need to do is look at ourselves, see how we can change our own lives in all aspects. We need to start changing our thoughts, our lifestyles, and our outlook in life.

  •  Bring spirituality back into your life.
  • Start by thinking what you can do to save the world!

It is possible for one person to save the whole world, by spreading that positive light outward to each person they meet or know. One person can effect an exponential amount of people, and just like that it spreads to a country or a continent for that matter. Imagine for a moment how awesome it will be if all of us live together without crime or fear; just at peace with one another and the world.

We can change this by starting to change our own life first before we can even start to change the world and the wars of the world. Firstly we need to sort out our own personal wars. Start by looking at your own life. Negotiate with yourself.

  • What would you like to change in your life?
  • How can you help others?
  • What role can you play in your immediate surroundings/town where you live?
  • What can you give to others to help them?

Work on it every day. Then move over to your immediate family, and before you know it you have touched a whole lot of people’s lives and encouraged them to change as well. Let’s all stand together against crime, and WAR! We can save this planet from destruction.


Let me know how you plan to stop the war inside yourself. Your thoughts could inspire so many people to make a simple change in their lives for the better.

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