Step by step:How to make your own decorative lamp

My husband Louis helped me to make these awesome bedside lamps. I could not find any nice suitable bedside lamps anywhere so we decided to make our own using decorative vases.
I bought the silver vases from Mr. Price.

Materials needed to build lamp:
– Decorative Vase

– Lamp holder

4 7
– Electric cord with on/off switch
– 2 x nuts and bolts to mount lamp holder
– Globe

Step 1: Drill holes on the bottom of the vase/lamp to mount the lamp holder/socket.

5      2
Step 2: Drill hole on the side for electric cord to exit.

Step 3: Connect electrical wire to lamp socket.
Step 4: Place lamp right side up and place lamp holder inside the lamp and fasten lamp holder with nuts and bolts.

Step 5: Insert globe into lamp holder.

10  11

Step 6: Wire cord up to 15 amp plug.

Step 7: Plug into wall socket.
Step 8: Switch on lamp!!

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