Your Spiritual Staircase

Let’s take a walk ……. DOWN a Spiritual Staircase

You think to yourself… why walk DOWN a Spiritual Staircase and not UP!?

This Spiritual Staircase begins in your mind.

The 1st Step…

You step down the stairs one at a time DOWN into your SOUL.

Picture yourself at the beach. You stop and get out of your car, you walk to the staircase leading onto the beach. Feel the sun shining on your skin, feel the sea breeze, hear the sea gulls and the waves crashing onto the rocks.

Now take the first step. Feel the stairway underneath your feet…….. how does it feel? is it rough, smooth? is it a high staircase or just a few steps?

What goes through your mind as you step down the 1st step? Are you exited? scared?

The 2nd Step…

While you walk down the steps you are watching your mind. What are you thinking? Are you scared? are you excited? Think about the thoughts we fill our minds with every day. Some are good thoughts some bad. And a few will be spiritual thoughts.

The Last Step…

You can now feel the sand under your feet and the waves are just a few steps away from you …. you are exited to get your feet into the sea water and let it wash over your feet.

Your spiritual awakening is starting with that 1st step. Its up to you if you are going to take that 1st step and go down all the way to the very last one. Some of us give up half way and think its to far down……. too risky, no time to walk down all of those steps.

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