Spartan Core Virtues by Joseph Cambell

I read a lot of articles on the Optimize +1 webpage by Brian Johnson and found this article very interesting. I would like to share it with you. Incorporating these virtues into our lives may be of value to us all.

Spartan: a person of great courage and self-discipline.

Spartan Core Virtues. Combine these qualities into one person and you have the ideal boss, the valuable employee, the perfect business partner, or comrade in any endeavor. Here’s a short description of each of the Spartan Core Virtues.

Self-Awareness: Know who you are and who you are not. If you don’t, you’ll be confused daily.

Commitment: Stick to it because the world is filled with people who don’t. You’re better than that.

Passion: If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’re not going to be great at it. Take things seriously and learn to be passionate.

Discipline: Set your rules and stick to them. Be disciplined about it.

Prioritization: Deal with the important things—important being what you define as

Grit: Get gritty. Break out of your comfort zone. Do the hard, scary things. Find your passion and persevere.

Courage: This is the ability to stay focused and work relentlessly with both intensity and passion through virtually anything, especially through failure.

Optimism: See the world as you want it to be, not as it is. Be ever hopeful.

Integrity: If you’re not honest with yourself and others, then what are you?

Wholeness: Live the life of a complete and whole Spartan.”

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