Sekhmet – Keeper of the flame

Not many of us can afford to travel the world. For some/most of us it is just too expensive. We can, however, travel “mentally” when we read articles like the one below that was placed in the Australian ‘Living Now’ magazine.

Sandy Housnell, the author of this article, is a spiritual counselor, Orion/Theta teacher/healer, clairvoyant, hypnotherapist working with spirits since childhood. She shares her knowledge accompanying groups to Egypt to explore past lives.

Thank you Sandy for taking us on this tour through an amazing temple, and the history of Sekhmet!

Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening
Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening

The Keeper of the Flame by Sandy Housnell

In the town of Luxor in southern Egypt, lies the impressive temple of Karnak.
Once the headquarters of the Egyptian priesthood, it is the largest and most imposing of all the Egyptian temples. The temple is overlooked by most tourists as it is not on a main road and can only be reached through five successive gateways. Something very special about this site is the temple guards outside. Why guards? For a small fee the guards will unlock the door to the temple.
She explains how in the days of the mystery schools, this temple was associated with the use of power. It was at this temple that the initiates came to learn how to use strength through compassion, rather than through force.
Once inside the temple, you walk into a dark room. When your eyes begin to adjust, you start seeing a human-sized, black basalt statue of a beautiful, tall and slender female with a lioness face – this is Sekhmet – the “Mighty One”, “Keeper of the Flame”. You feel that you are not alone, that the statue is alive!

How the Egyptians perceived their sacred images


Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening
Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening

To the Egyptians, a sacred statue was not just an empty physical object representing a certain god or goddess. Masters of magic, the skilful craftsmen carved the divine statues in symbolically significant stone and ceremonially charged them with life. A sacred statue could then become a vessel of an indwelling spirit, filled with the divine attributes of the god/goddess it represented. The Egyptians did not separate spiritual force from physical form. To them everything, from the heavens above to the Earth below, was capable of expressing divine power – the sun, moon, stars, plants and animals, all emanating a specific divine presence.

Invoking the Divine

The statue of Sekhmet in Karnak would have been created with the intent of capturing the divine presence of the goddess, through a combination of skilled craftsmanship and sacred rites that had the effect of “opening” the statue towards the spiritual attributes that Sekhmet emanated. The statue became the medium through which Sekhmet manifested as a tangible presence on the material plane.

Who is Sekhmet?

Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening
Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening

Sekhmet is one of the Ismem, the original archetypes through which Earth’s first archetypal patterns were established. Her name literally translated means: “Might One/Powerful One”. She was known for her creative and healing attributes. She is the “Keeper of the Flame”. Her power is not of the Earth but from most ancient reaches of the cosmos. In ancient Egypt she was the “Eye” of Ra, the sun god who sent her to Earth to punish humankind for wickedness. She is portrayed as the female aggressor, the goddess of war and destruction. Her solemn task of punishing the wicked developed into a taste for power that ran out of control. Her dire mission turned into personal enjoyment and she soon destroyed everyone in her path.
But this is only a one-sided portrayal of Sekhmet, which leads to misinterpretation. New interpretations of teaching from the temple walls of the mystery schools suggest that Sekhmet represents the “warrior within” each of us. You can awaken the Sekhmet within yourself, to light the fire that empowers you to break down the blocks and barriers that stand in the way of your life’s vision. This fire is power, and can bring you the greatest gifts, if your will is align with Divine Will and your heart with the Divine Light.
There is a warning though as Sandy states:- if you fall for the seduction of power and use it unwisely, you are moving onto dangerous ground. The mastery of the “warrior within” comes when you know the appropriate moment to temper the warrior and when it is wise for it to lie dormant. This is personal empowerment, and perhaps the true representation of the power of Sekhmet – the timeless lioness dweller in the temple of Karnak.



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