How often do you listen to some beautiful music and sing along? I think most of us that loves music do. Especially when it’s a catchy tune and you know the words.

Next time you listen to a song/piece of music, really LISTEN! Modern day music (R & B and hip hop etc.) do not really have the great sounds like classical/jazz/blues/soul music as it is too electronically performed.

classical orchestra


You can recognize each instrument more clearly when you for instance listen to classical music:

Try and identify the instruments.


  • Listen to each note.
  • See the orchestra on the stage, performing.
  • Listen with your heart, you soul.


Listening to good music can:

We have seen that music is really helpful and needed in our lives, for building up a healthy body. It is good for our souls and spiritual lives. It is a spiritual awakening when you listen to good music.

Let us know what your favourite type of music or song is.






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