Meeting the Famous Actress – Shirley MacLaine

My daughter and I are at a shopping mall. There are a lot of people at the mall as well as the famous actress Shirley MacLaine. 

She is very dramatic but also strict (not really in a good mood!) because the people do not want to leave her alone. They bother her all the time because she is so famous. My daughter and I are watching the people from a distance, watching how they are crowding around Shirley. They want her to do an act from one of her films for them. She is not in a mood to act and ask the people to leave her alone as she is tired. She is now really upset with everyone.

Then my daughter and I are inside a room that looks like the inside of a theater.

Shirley is there as well. She is now much more relaxed and smiles at everyone. She has a stunning evening gown on that is made of gold and black brocade material.

Black and Gold Brocade
The theater has a beautiful stage and Shirley asks for the curtain to be raised. She wants everyone present to watch one of her movies. We sit with her as we watch the movie.


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