London – 1950’s

I was at a very old station. This dream of mine takes place somewhere in the 1950’s because everyone is dressed in 1950’s clothing and it takes place somewhere outside of London, England.

There are a lot of people on the platform waiting for the train. I watch them in fascination. I notice a tall, big man walking past me. He is pulling something (is it luggage) behind him on a big trolley. There is something big and black on the trolley. The station porter stops him to investigate what is on the trolley.

The man says it’s nothing important, but the station porter is very suspicious of whatever is on the trolley. The porter says it looks like a body! The man is upset and says it’s just his luggage, then turns around and walks away. I watch them the whole time also wondering what is on that trolley!

Farm Worker 4


I have some gifts with me for someone? and looks for a place to wrap the gifts but cannot find anywhere suitable. I also have only a very small piece of wrapping paper with me and I know this will not be big enough for all the gifts. I am aware that the train will be arriving soon so I better hurry up and get the gifts wrapped. I am on my way to London. I know this because I stopped some people on the platform to ask them which platform I need to go to, to catch the London train. One woman said I need to go to platform 13. This platform is right on the other side of the station and I need to cross a bridge to get there. But before I can cross the bridge to platform 13, I need to wrap some gifts I have with me.

While walking up and down the platform, I meet a young man with red hair dressed like a peasant in corduroy pants, a white shirt and a beret hat.


He is very friendly and has a Scottish accent. He takes me to a table which I can use to wrap the gifts I have with me. I am not sure who the gifts are for.  I wrap them and then walk across the bridge to platform number 13 and wait there for the London train. While waiting for the train, I watch all the people coming and going. The ladies are dressed in smart, beautiful dresses, hats, court shoes and the men also look smart with nice suites on.

I am very excited to go to London. I hear the train pulling into the station, hear the whistle…….. see the smoke of the old locomotive…… see the train arrive on platform 13

Steam Locomotive


…….  I wake up !



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