The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

“Good thoughts will produce good actions and bad thoughts will produce bad actions. Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred cease by love. ” BUDDHA

We have the power to choose the directions of our lives. It is our ability to use the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy to use FREE WILL.

It begins with ENERGY 

The Material Universe is made up of various forms of Energy.

We can notice the movement of energy in the following ways:

1) Active or Kinetic Energy

– Ocean currents and tides

– Winds

– Waterfalls

– Rays of the sun

2) Potential Energy (Inert Energy)

– Fossil Fuels

When energy is converted from passive to active energy, it is transmuted to other materials or changed to other forms. Transmission / transmutation of the forms of energy are a continuing process of the material universe.

We also experience movement of energy in our lives:

– our thoughts

– our belief systems

– our speech

– our actions

The process of sending our thoughts to others is known as transmutation of thought and we have control as to whether it’s negative or positive.

How does this transmutation work? Each and every thought we have creates two actions:

1) Vibratory Energy

  • vibratory energy sends out a wave from ourselves to others.
  • the distance and the intensity of the wave sent out depends on our ability to focus and maintain our thoughts.
  • spiritual / positive persons energy will seek for similar energy when entering a room.
  • persons with higher thoughts and vibrations stimulate others to higher thoughts without conscious effort being exerted.

2) Creations of Thought Forms

  • we transmit (send) thoughts to other people.
  • every thought creates a materialized entity which operates on emotional and intellectual levels.
  • when we think negative thoughts it stays with us and increase over time.
  • Psychics can see negative thoughts in the auras of a person.
  • thought forms can take on the form of entities that exist without our awareness.
  • our  thoughts are forms of energies and they may shape the conditions of our lives.
  • if you do not condition your thoughts to positive thoughts in the dreams you want to achieve, you will not reach that dream or goal that you have set for yourself.
  • positive thoughts  that are sent are received quickly over a time period and they are replaced with positive thoughts – this way we feed our own optimism and sense of well-being. We also feed positive thoughts to others.
  • negative thoughts work  the same way, but they lower our vibrations and send  low grade thought forms into our environment. Negative thoughts that are sent out are replaced with negative thoughts.

It’s said that a large number of our sins and separations from God are committed with our MOUTHS. We need to think before we speak – our thinking and speech have a great impact on our present and future as well as the present and future of others. Examine your thoughts if your want to grow spiritually. Our beliefs and our thoughts don’t represent reality. They are perceptions of reality and are incomplete. Understand this concept and you can move on to understand in new ways and appreciate the diversity of people’s perceptions.

We can control:

  • our thoughts
  • our beliefs
  • our speech
  • our actions

but we do have to change our ways.

To start changing your ways is to clear your mind of all past negative thoughts and feelings. Forgive past oversights, insults and transgressions. Forgiveness helps to clear our minds and fill our minds with positive thoughts and energies. Our lives will be richer. Where our thoughts are focused our energies are focused. Positive thoughts make us free and give us the energy to achieve positive goals in our lives.

“Higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations, and each person can become an alchemist of the heart, if he/she chooses to do so”  – El Morya

It’s our choice to transform the darkness into LIGHT. Our WILL to do so.

– Forgive others

– Love others

– See each other’s differences and similarities

– Apply higher frequencies to your life when you feel low negative energy rising up inside you.

When we use this Law we need to remember our breath, for it’s the breath that helps us to command our emotional body.

See and visualize the Light within you and around you at all times. This will strengthen your will. If we have a stronger will, our soul’s ability to manifest and transform events becomes more precise.

The Light aligns the chakras with the Higher Self. This connects us to the Central Sun, and the Source of all there is.

The Light strengthens our:

  • faith
  • hope
  • charitable nature

The Colour Violet

– The colour Violet is the highest frequency one can see.

– Violet is the favourite colour of alchemists.

– It holds the highest vibrational frequency.

– It has power to change all the frequencies that live within us.

– Violet is the last colour of the rainbow, before it turns into ultra violet and then reflects in the Light.  White Light may be sued as a protection.

– It holds the highest coding of symbols, and can be used to change surrounding conditions.

– Violet may be used to change conditions.

The Colour Pink

Pink is the colour of SELF-LOVE.  It resonates on the level of the soul.

– If you visualize and surround others around you with this colour/frequency their attitudes will soften. Hold them in the soft glow of this field and watch their frowns slowly turn to smiles.

– Pink may be used to increase self- love and the love of others.

Never underestimate the power of this frequency.  It generates much love throughout the Universe.

Meditate in silence and see the effect of the Law of Transmutation of Energy .
















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