The Law of Vibration

(experts taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free: Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

When we fully understand the Law of Vibration, we will be able to apply this law and express a Heaven on Earth. When this moment is realized, the prophecy shall be fulfilled.

Acknowledge both the higher and lower natures at battle on the road to masters to acknowledge BOTH sides of duality and walk the middle of the road.

Our thoughts and emotions send out vibrations into the Universe. The vibrations go into our collective consciousness and this way everyone helps to raise Earth’s vibrations. We can either lower the vibrations (by sending negative thoughts into the Universe) or raise the levels of consciousness with positive thinking.

The Law of Vibration: 

  • Provides us with the way to move to higher planes of existence
  • It is the Law of Power
  • It allows us to move closer to our destiny

Everything is connected through the Divine Mind of Oneness and everything in the Universe is in motion. All objects and entities vibrate on a continuous sequence.

We each have our own SOUND:

This perfect sound is who we really are.  If we become still for long enough to connect with this sound, we will discover our true, perfect self.

There are many vibrational frequencies in our world that cause disruptions in our lives and keep us from hearing that perfect sound within us:

  • Our lifestyles
  • TV
  • Radio
  • People

We live in the 3rd Dimension:

An OPTIMIST lives on a higher frequency – they expect more of the world.

A PESSIMIST lives on a lower frequency – they anticipate gloom and doom and help to create it.

Some negative thoughts that can affect all of us are;

  • Envy
  • Criticism
  • Hatred
  • Jealousy

We can choose to align our bodies and behaviours to create harmony and dependability with the God within us. Positive thoughts help us to move on our journey to Spiritual Development.

The most difficult form of negativity to overcome is personal or group cynicism. You experience many failures in life and that leads to a negative outlook in the end.

To solve problems, we need to learn to open our mind and heart:

  • Think from a place connected to a higher consciousness and find a solution on these higher places of existence.
  • Strive to be honest and helpful and still stay positive.
  • Keep your vibrations high and positive.
  • Do not let negative attitudes penetrate your feelings or your mind.
  • Keep from becoming over-involved in problems of others.

To stop yourself from being influenced by others you need to do the following to help keep you from taking on lower vibrations that another person can release:

  • Listen carefully
  • Help establish goals for solving problems
  • Assist in planning a positive outcome

Learn to assess how you feel and choose behaviors and attitudes that can help you to evolve. Evolution is why we are here.

Understanding the Law of Vibration, we learn to incorporate the higher Light frequencies of Spirit into consciousness and the lower eight bodies, then transformation takes place.


The greatest power is in the LIGHT. This increased Light reveals itself in the aura around us.

The more Light one absorb into your body, mind, and spirit, the faster you can show the perfect reality around you.

The Spirit is the Higher Self.

Spirit is associated with the following terms:

– Light

– The Merkabah

– Love

– God consciousness

If we absorb higher frequencies into lower dense matter, through the direction and will of the mind and heart, it will help to raise our own vibratory patterns.

Physical Dense Matter is defined as:

  • That which one experience with the five senses
  • It represents the human body (which is the vehicle that carries the soul)
  • It defines as lower, heavier, and more subtle vibrations as energies experienced in the heart and mind that cause mental and anger.

We need to learn the importance of PURIFICATION. It comes from understanding that emotion is the cosmic glue. What is willed with strong emotion will be created.

We must move to a higher level – we cannot and never will experience a lower level again. The lower nature is slowly “burned off”.




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