The Law of Compensation

(excerpts taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free by Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

“If you help others, you will be helped, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one thousand years, but you will be helped. Nature must pay off the debt. It is a mathematical law and all life is mathematics. ” – G L Gurdjieff

The Law of Compensation helps us to understand abundance, how to deal with financial matters. It deals with material and spiritual gains that we receive in life.  You see the visible effects of your deeds when you receive gifts, money, an inheritance, friendship and blessings.

How to Receive this Law

– Before you can receive this Law, you need to break the poverty consciousness which comes from your conditioning in this lifetime and from the programming of past lives.

– See the world as a place of abundance. There is plenty for everyone.

– We need to reprogram our thinking. Affirmations are a good way of doing this.

– Give more and you will receive more; right thoughts, emotions, actions and words play a big role here.

How it Works

– Giving in one way means that you receive in another way.

– The Law of Compensation is extended by the Law of Tenfold return. Whatever you give is returned in ways that are 10 times the value of your gift.

Karmic Debt sometimes plays a role in this Law – for example: 

  • You feel that you have given more than you received.
  • You could have made an agreement that you give freely with the understanding that payment will come later in life.
  • You could start a savings plan of good Karma that will carry you into the future.

– Always have faith in this Law.

– Be patient and wait and your gift will be revealed.

– To make this Law part of you live, you can ask yourself in what way may you serve your brother/sister/fellow human being?

The Law of Compensation is an exact Law with its own deviation that works to provide us greater things than we can ever imagine. This happens when the soul align with the Higher Self in service of others (Master El Morya).

– The Law of Compensation is flawless in its design. Everything given shall be returned.

IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THEN TO RECEIVE – the Universe returns the gift with a tenfold yield!!

– If you want to receive tenfold then you need to let go of the fear that there is not enough to give.

– To release the old programming that keeps us in bondage we need to attain a higher frequency in the Light. This will automatically raise our body and spirit into a higher dimension of mind.

AS A MAN THINKETH, SO SHALL HE BECOME. Compensation is a reflection of a persons’ multi-dimentional thinking.

– What is reaped is the just consequence of all that is sown.

– Each soul who comes to Earth is on a mission from God. Contracts are made in the etheric and reviewed periodically in the dream states. Our performance of standards and measures are assessed. When promises are kept, the soul is rewarded tenfold.

– When the word is not honoured, the results are lower frequencies which bring disappointments and frustrations.

– Alignment with the Light of the Higher Self is the only way out of bondage.

– Connection to the Higher Self and to God’s will grant peace, harmony and a fulfilled life.

 Free will is God’s gift to humanity:

  • We choose our own rewards in life.
  • Integrity is the key which grants the soul on the spiritual path greater gifts and rewards, and this includes both spiritual and material offerings.

What can a person do if they feel helpless to change life events: 

Another important aspect of this Law is giving to oneself: 

  • Not giving to oneself is a lack of Self-Love.
  • Not giving to oneself creates an imbalance in energy fields that support the natural flow of energy.


  • We must all learn to love ourselves FIRST. From this state of mind of else flows.
  • The more you love yourself, the more love you have to give to others.
  • By not treating yourself with the same kindness that you give to others, it can create a cycle for deprivation.

– Positive thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions are needed at all times to keep energy flowing.

– Another stumbling block is overcompensation that prevents the smooth running of this Law. We can believe that if you give more to another, the soul is deemed more worthy and loving.

– Giving must be good and honourable and must be justified of one’s own self-worth.

– Don’t give with the wrong motive – it blocks energy.

– Give equally to yourself and to others to keep the energy balanced.

BALANCE is the only path to follow when achieving mastery. If you maintain balance at all times and you adhere to truth and integrity, then the Law of Compensation shall be realized.







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