The Law of Cause and Effect

(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

Every Cause has it’s EFFECT

Every EFFECT has its CAUSE

Everthing happens according to LAW

CHANCE is a name for a LAW not recognized

There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the LAW

(The Kybalion)


The Law of Cause and Effect is the expression of Divine Order in the Universe.

– Many of us are victims to the pressures of daily life. Major problems that we can experience today are:

  •  Lack of will
  • Lack of clarity to our goals or life directions

– Nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws.

Cause and Effect deals with EVENTS. 

The events that we may experience are:

  • Results of our past life actions
  • Results of present behaviours
  • Experiences provided from higher planes of existence to teach us how  to master our intellectual and emotional behaviours

– Every thought that we think, every act that we perform has its direct and indirect impact on our lives.

– The Law of Cause and Effect may apply to long-term or short-term outcomes.

  • Karma is one example of the manifestation of this Law.

– If we grow spiritually it will help us use the Law of Cause and Effect in a positive way.

– We each have a free will. We have the freedom to choose some of our behaviours.  The Law of Cause and Effect give us the knowledge that all behaviours produce either positive or negative results.

– When we act, we have the choice of right action or wrong action which is directed to ourselves and others.

Right Action: advances the cause of God or Spirit

Wrong Action: is an act that goes against the cause of God or Spirit.

– When we master our thoughts and actions, we move toward mastery and the ability to live within the Laws in positive ways.

– Living with fear, anxiety, anger, melancholy, worry, leads to Negative Effects. If this is left unattended it can consume our minds.

– As we move toward mastery, we are able to live by faith and remain in the Light. Mastery of our emotional and intellectual behaviours must begin with forgiving ourselves and others.

– We need to know how to heal old wounds in a positive way and move into the Light. This is an important lesson in the mastery of our behaviours.

– Learn to listen to your:

  • Physical body
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts

Recognize and deal with irrational states of mind. See them for what they really are, and learn to bless them and embrace them before letting them go.

** The Universal Laws are guidelines for helping us evolve and become free. **

It is through peace that humans will master the Law of Cause and Effect – El Moray

The Law of Cause and Effect contains certain interconnecting phenomena that must be understood when proceeding on the path of masters:

  • The strength of will
  • The clarity of the aspirant
  • The fear of the unknown and its effect on events
  • Forgiveness

Masters learn that by using higher laws against lower laws and applying higher principles with strength of commitment, they create their own destinies and environment. We, however, are not all masters because our hearts and minds are not strong enough to take on the responsibility for creating our own realities

-Everything happens for a reason; there is no such thing as chance.  All occurrences are continues and unbroken.  We often do not understand the reason for the event taking place.

– If we grow to higher state of consciousness, The Higher Self (which controls the higher planes of existence) brings experiences and lessons to the individual that build character.  The Higher Self brings lessons into a person’s life to help you understand how to grow in the Light.

Some examples are:

  • Overcoming Pride
  • Asserting with Love
  • Learning Unconditional Love
  • Controlling FEARS
  • Surrendering EGO to the Will of God
  • Controlling the Emotional and Mental Bodies
  • Desiring to be of World Service

The higher planes build mastery. The lower planes complete unfinished business.  The soul stays on the lower planes of existence for many lifetimes until it has released itself from Karmic debts and responsibilities that is harmful to its growth.  KARMA is dissolved and replaced by Tests of Initiation to make the soul stronger.

Lower planes of existence keeps us trapped in a world of rebirth, lifetime after lifetime:

  • we move like puppets at the directors of other stronger wills
  • If you are not balanced within the Yin (male) and Yang (female) energies, and you are not self-confident then you bow to stronger wills for approval or lack of courage
  • Fear or lack of confidence are primary driving forces that keep us trapped in the wheel of rebirth

– The goal of mastering is to stay centered at all times and to not move to extreme positions of behaviour.  Will is needed to stay centered, calm, and peaceful at all times.

– Higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations.

-Lower vibrations never can change higher vibrations for higher energy is always too INTENSE.

– The way to be free from events that appear negative and destructive in our lives is to begin the inward journey to monitor all our thoughts and feelings that we experience every day.

– A strong willpower drives the momentum in the Law of Course and Effect.  The will, when centered and aligned with the heart and the mind, has the power to create miracles. This is possible when one is clear and free of judgement and when you understand that it is LIGHT that directs the currents of creation.

– When unpleasant events become a part of your life, remember that these events have come for two reasons:

  1. There is unfinished business that must be resolved before the soul is allowed to move to a higher plane of existence.
  2. There are lessons that must be learned to achieve a higher state of existence and enlightenment.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 (, all Children of Light have been freed of Karmic Debts, yet few have known this to be true. This means that the events in one’s life no longer are tied to the Wheel of the past but now are connected to Higher Planes of existence that free the soul to achieve higher states of enlightenment and power.

We need to begin to conquer the mind and emotions.   If we acquire self-love, it will enable Light to flow continuously from the Source through consciousness and back to the Source.  All must be continuous and experienced in a circular fashion.

When all this is done, can we assume a position of using the Higher Planes of Existence over the Lower Planes of Existence, and create the Heaven on Earth that we all long for. Then we will be FREE!!!















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