Taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune

The Light Shall set you free


Good Karma

Good Karma develops when our thoughts, desires, passions, words and actions are benevolent and helpful to others.

Bad Karma

Bad Karma develops when our thoughts, desires, passions, words and actions are malevolent or harmful to others.

Bad Karma can be counteracted and balanced with wisdom and positive thoughts.

– Karma is the manifestation of the Law of Cause and Effect.

– Karma is not a punishment. It is a learning experience designed to help us grow to higher levels of spirituality.

– Karma is the result of the choices and actions we take within the framework of our free will.

– We accumulate karma over many lifetimes.

– Most of us have a backlog of karma that is difficult to overcome.

– Nearly all individuals who come to Earth have or had debts to clear from the past. Many of our debts are centuries old.

– Our choices have created our suffering and our ego’s have created wars and hardships.

– Countries and regions also acquire karma just as people do. Decision makers abuse systems, and pass laws that create suffering.

– All karma debts must be cleared in this lifetime – this is the last lifetime to balance the scales.

– All members of oppressed families are connected to karmic debts. They all agreed to work together between embodiments to assure that karma is paid.

– Sometimes a soul chooses to sacrifice its own path in service to others, for example:

• babies embody difficult roles so that parents can learn life lessons

• if there is a car accident, family member(s) die (eg: a drunk driver crash into their car), and in this way they give up their lives as security.

The public learns a lesson from this when they take notice of drunk driving.

Once our debts are paid and the scales are balanced, good Karma begins to come around to build the promised Garden of Eden.

Earth is one of the few planets on which we can come into embodiment where Karma Laws rules.

The will of God desires only peace, perfection and happiness.

Starseeds (https://www.paoweb.com/starseed.htm) have the least amount of karma and The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 freed them from Karmic Debt.

They are no longer tied to their past karma. They are now connected to Higher Planes of Existence.


Aspirations and desires become Capacities.

Repeated Thoughts become Tendencies.

Wills to perform become Actions.

Experiences become Wisdom.

Painful Experiences become Conscience.

Experiences Between Lives

These stages may differ from person to person. There are various levels of intermixed layers. The lower astral levels are dark and dense.

They gradually give way to devachanic (Heavenly) layers which are Light.

1) Death and Departure

– You leave your physical body and hover over it for a period of time.

– It is a euphoric sense of freedom and brightness.

2) Movement toward the Light

– After a period of hovering over your physical body, a person moves through a tunnel toward light.

– At the end of the tunnel you are met by someone (a guide, relative, close friend etc…)

– You feel unconditional love that you have not felt on Earth, when alive.

3) Orientation

– New arrivals are taken to a place of healing.

– You have counselling sessions with your guides.

– It culminates into a session of Divine Judgment / Self Judgment.

This session is a revision of your Akashic Records which are the data banks that store all the forms of Karam on our

accrued journeys, and assessments of what was just accomplished in your lifetime.

4) Time Spent in a Staging Area

– Souls spend time in soul families and cluster groups as part of their learning process.

– Soul Groups are determined by a common level of knowledge and soul development.

– Every soul generates a colour.

– Souls remain with their own soul groups.

– The members of the soul groups are at a comparable level of soul development.

– The primary cluster may split into smaller groups, but are not separated.

– As some souls learn faster, they move into independent studies and so new groups are formed.

5) Life Selection

– Souls themselves determine whether they are ready for a new physical life.

– They also determine what lessons they need to learn.

– They learn where they will have the best opportunity to work on their goals.

– Souls select their new parents.

– This selection is done on a basis of what they perceive as lessons those individuals (new parents) can provide for their spiritual development.

6) The Choice of a New Body

– Souls voluntarily agree to be children of given sets of parents.

– They prepare for embarkation (birth)

7) Rebirth

– A new life-cycle begins.

– The soul can now increase its learning.

Ascended Master Kuthumi described the souls orientation period as follows:

– In Etheric the souls come to the table of Oversouls.

– It becomes reunited with others in its soulgroup (soulgroups consists of 1,000 souls).

– Each member of the 1,000 soulgroup rejoices the integration of the newly emerging consciousness.

– At first it is a quiet moment in the soulgroup. Then it becomes a celebration.

– Then it is a moment of truth and assessment and all participate in the process.

– Decisions made at this time affect the entire Oversoul.

– No soul is allowed to move forward until the entire group of 1,000 souls have reached the vibrational frequency that is required to move on.

– It is very important to assist all souls in embodiment to see the Light.

– A valuable key to use for advancement into higher places it to love your neighbour and give assistance.

– No soul in embodiment has access to the list of his soul group’s 1,000 members therefore we all need to love and forgive everyone we meet and know.

– Individual souls are bound to the group of 1,000 until they reach the 5th Dimension – this is the Universal Law.

– After this point is reach, rules change to higher frequencies.

– It is essential for all Earthlings/inhabitants to assist our brothers and sisters into the Light, or it could keep you from thy Father’s House.

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