Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Francis

Her Mother’s Hope by  Francine Francis  is a remarkable story about two women who not only show us how to be brave in life but also to have the courage and the determination to make a success of your life!

Francine Rivers writes this story with passion, keeping you in suspense and awe as you journey with Marta through her life of sorrow, pain but also wonderment and excitement.
“FLY LIEBLING FLY! I will fly with you. Be like an eagle! An eagle flies alone. Look at the birds, Liebling. Most species fly in a flock. An eagle flies alone”.  Don’t be afraid to leave, Marta.

Marta lives in Steffisburg, Switzerland – it is the year 1901. She is only twelve years old when her father decides she had enough education and finds work for her at the Becker’s Bakery. This is how Marta starts to FLY! Fly away to live her own life.

“FLY LIEBLING FLY! I will fly with you. Be like an eagle!” These are the words Marta remembers after her mother dies. Marta continues her life journey that starts at Montreux, took her to Paris, where she had a dream of her mother and remembered again her words, “Fly, Marta. Don’t be afraid, mein kleiner Adler…..”. Her mother gives her permission to FLY. These words gives her the courage to never return home again but go into the world and make a success of her life.

Marta’s goal is to learn to speak English and she boards a ship to Dover in England. She takes up a position in the house of the remarkable Lady Daisy and later became her companion. Their friendship would be a lasting one.

Francine Rivers now takes us on Marta’s next journey to Canada. This is the biggest step she has ever taken in her life and it scares her but she builds up the courage to make this trip a success. With all the experiences she has gained over the last few years, Marta opens her own boarding house in Montreal, Canada.

Marta meet Niclas Waltert at the church in Montreal. He is an engineer but soon became tired of working at the locomotive works and decides it’s time for them to move to a farm. Marta’s next flight takes her to Manitoba. Managing a boarding house has been easy for Marta comparing to farming! How is Marta going to be able to handle this life. She loves Niclas and has to go with him and on top of it all she is expecting their first child – it is a boy and they name him Berhnard! Could she be happy on the farm?

Her second child is a girl and she names her HILDEMARE ROSE, a strong name for a frail baby. Marta and her family sail through deep rough seas, have a lot of bad luck, heartache and life changing ordeals. Marta remembers the following words that her mother used to say to her: “God permits suffering. He permits injustice….. If you are to rise above your circumstances, you must learn that, Liebling. I have learned a long time ago to take my pain to Christ, who understands suffering so much more than I”.

Marta and Niclas have four children. One son, Berhnard who becomes a successful farmer, and three daughters, Hildermare Rose who graduates as a nurse, Clotilde who becomes a famous Hollywood dress designer and Rikka who becomes an artist. They all fly off into the world but it is Hildemare who at first struggles to make it on her own and gets all the pressure from Marta to make her stronger. “This child of mine is so weak, how will she ever make it on her own?” Marta’s think to herself. And this is how HILDEMARE’S life story begins!

In the second half of this book Francine Rivers takes us on Hildermare’s life journey. We suffer with her through her ordeals as Marta teaches her to be strong in life and to FLY into the world and be independent the same as Marta’s mom taught her to do. This is a hard lesson for Hildemare, but she is a brave girl and becomes a strong woman and in the end she is Marta’s pride and joy. Marta  encourages her to : “FLY, HILDEMARE, FLY!” – and Hildemare flies and makes a success of her life!

Hildemare becomes Her Mother’s Hope.

Thank you Francis Rivers for this encouraging story about two remarkable women, Marta and Hildemare.



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