How To Speak So Others Listen

Are we talking too much? I know I do. I have often been told: “You talk too much”. Why do I (we) do it? Is it fear, excitement, impatience?

I talk faster and louder when I am excited or angry. I want to be heard! I had many years of  “silence” where other people use to belittle me, talked over my head and my topics was not important enough to be heard. I am sure there are many of you out there who have had similar experience(s).

Then your  life changes – YOU make a change for the better and you get your VOICE back! Now you cannot stop talking….. it’s wonderful to say what you think, to know that your opinion is about something BUT then AGAIN people tell you: “YOU TALK TOO MUCH!”

So down in the gutter you go again and you think to yourself “I have just got my self confidence back to talk to people and they say: “Shut up you talk too much!”

We all want to be heard! We all want to feel important and the “best”way of doing this is by talking!

But what do we talk about? That is the important question!

That  is why I am busy reading: THE FINE ART OF CONFIDENT CONVERSATION by Debra Fine. I have just started reading it and already I have received a lot of really good advice on having a good conversation. So this is one of my goals this year to become a good speaker. Not such gossip, chatty conversations, but good conversations so that people can listen to me.Listen to someone next time when you have a conversation, at work, at family gatherings, talking to a friend on the phone. What do we talk about these days? Unless you are in a working / office environment, your conversations are based on “nothingness”. ID-10035039

Don’t you think we have all lost the ability to be good conversationists? We gossip, talk bad, swear, tell bad jokes etc. Its only in Spiritual Environments that we really talk about spiritual stuff.

Listen to our radio stations of today. Most of them chat away the whole day but actually say nothing! I feel sorry for the poor presenters who have to think up some topic every night to chat about the next morning. They try to “entertain” their listeners out there, but what are they really saying?

I stopped listening to commercial radio stations and am now only listening to Classic FM every morning. They play the most beautiful classical music with minimum talk in between and it calms me down and make me start each morning in a calm relaxed way – I still do rush to get to work, get stuck in heavy traffic, but imagine how worked up I would be by the time I get to work when I have listened to any other morning radio station with all the loud music, ads etc…..

We have become so rushed in our daily lives that we do not get time to just sit down for 5 min and take a break, have a cup of tea, listen to a good song or just meditate for a minute or two (yeah that’s all the time now a days that we as working people get to meditate).

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