Fleeing War Torn Middle East

I am in another country – not sure where – feels like Iraq, Iran where all the war is going on at present or could even be Syria. It is a middle Eastern/Arab country.

I can speak their language.

There is a man and woman with me. She’s got a black abaya dress on with a headpiece but her face shows it’s not covered. There are children (small children) with them. I tell them to hurry up the war is getting worse and will get shot if we do not escape now! They are terrified. The man is not a soldier but a civilian.

The woman has a huge white plaster (the one’s the hospital use after operations were done) over her entire nose. It looks bad! I ask the man that’s with us what happened to her. He said her nose was cut off by someone/soldiers not sure who – in this country they cut off your nose when you are an adulterer!

Girl nose cut off

I feel very sorry for her she is so shy and bewildered and there are 2 babies (about 1 year old) with her. I grab the babies (one in each arm) and we start running away from the bullets.

I urge them to run faster and I can feel the babies slipping from my arms but I am determined to get these poor people out of this situation and this war.


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