Elizabeth and the giant lobster

Elizabeth walks up the steep hill. She is wearing a beautiful turquoise dress today. It feels so lovely to be outside in the open air on such a lovely afternoon. She is glad that she took the break; she had a lot of work this morning but now she just wants to enjoy her surroundings up here on the hill.

The sun is baking down on her back as she sits down on the grass in front of a cave cut into the mountainside. Elizabeth feels content. For now, her work can wait.

The sun highlights streaks of gold in her hair. Nothing can disturb her here on the quiet mountain side. She listens to the birds chirping in a tree far away – not even that sound is loud enough to disturb the quietness she feels around her. The joyful chirping adds to her lovely surroundings and the sensation of peace around her.

She is happy.

Her fingers play with the grass blades; nature touches her soul in return.  The air smells so fresh. If only she could sit here forever. But, alas, there is always more work to be done. She will sit a while longer and enjoy the grass fields laid out below her dotted with wild flowers.

Elizabeth sees a horse grazing in the field.  A rabbit jumps out of a bush and runs towards a gate at the far side of the field.

Is this not what life is suppose to be like?

Just as she wants to get up, she hears something move behind her, drawing near. She sits still, too afraid to move. She glances over her shoulder and sees a creature standing behind her. It is a giant lobster, almost as big as her. But not a lobster like someone would find in the sea – no, this one was enormous.

It’s strange, but she doesn’t feel frightened of the lobster. She knows she’s met it before, seen it before. In another lifetime perhaps?

The lobster waves its big pinchers in the air. She knows the lobster doesn’t want to hurt her. It looks at her with its round, black eyes as she stares back at it in amazement. Who is this creature?

“Hi,” Elizabeth says. “I have never seen you here before, who are you? Where are you from? What are doing here?”

The giant lobster looks at Elizabeth. She’s not at all scared when it starts talking to her: this is no ordinary lobster. It’s probably a creature from another world, or another universe.

Zharor gazes reservedly at the girl named Elizabeth. He knows the girl has many questions, but he must tell her of his venture on Earth, and his most important task, the task he must complete before returning to ERRA. There’s so little time to complete his mission… will he make it? He waves a pincher in the air to quieten the girl’s barrage of questions.

“Hello, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth gapes at the giant lobster. How does he know her name? Does he know her from somewhere?

“My name is Zharor,” the lobster said. “I have come to warn you”.

“What warning do you want to give me?” Elizabeth asks. “This is a safe place. I often come here to this hill and this cave. There’s nothing here that can harm me.”

“You must get ready,” Zharor says. “The Earth will suffer a terrible war. A war that will end all wars, forever. Earth cannot go on like this any longer. We, from the ERRA Universe, have come to help those that believe in us.”

Elizabeth stares at Zharor. She knows him from somewhere, but where? His voice sounds so familiar.

“I’m sure I know you from somewhere. Where are you from?”

“I am from the Universe of ERRA. You have visited there before.”

“I knew it was you!” Elizabeth says. “But you look different now. When I last saw you had a different body.”

“You are correct, Elizabeth. I chose this body because I thought it would be easier for you to accept me this way. You know the outer body is nonconsequential in our Universe. It is the mind, the thoughts, that matter.

Elizabeth laughs aloud, and Zharor looks amazed at the outburst.

“Yes, I know a body does not mean anything to you Erra’s. But taking on the looks of a huge lobster? That’s a bit far-fetched.”

It takes Elizabeth some time to compose herself again, but Zharor waits patiently for her to stop laughing.At the time of selecting it, he had thought this crustacean shell would pass without comment. But he had forgotten what these Earthlings were like about appearances. Why couldn’t they just see a soul for what it really was… on the inside?

Elizabeth, now calm again, says, “You helped me when I arrived in ERRA and I didn’t know where to go. Oh, it’s so beautiful there. I can still remember all the beautiful places we visited. Everything was so colorful.” Elizabeth sighs. “I love color.”I can still remember the awesome structures everyone lived in. We had such fun when I was there. Everyone in ERRA made me feel welcome, and I loved them all.”

“We Erra’s are loving creatures,” Zharor says. “We do not like war and complications in our existence, Elizabeth. As you learned in your short stay with us: we have overcome our indifferences millions of years ago. Now we live in peace. Your planet, however, is still very young. Its inhabitants still need to learn to live with one another. They need to learn how to love one another. To be content with what they have and not what they chase after.”

“But you, young lady, you need to be more careful when you venture into the Universe.” Zharor waves a cautionary pincher at her. “I know you like to astral travel, but sometimes you are too adventurous. You can get into trouble if you are not careful. Not all Universes that you travel to will be as friendly as ERRA.”

“Yeah I know I need to be more careful,” Elizabeth says, “But I just love to see different places. I love the unknown. To explore.”

Elizabeth bows her head. “Maybe I go too far off track, but before I know it I’m in another Universe, and then everything seem so interesting, and then I just want to stay a little longer to investigate.”

Elizabeth sighs and looks at the distant hills surrounding her.

This planet is so beautiful. She loves living here, but with all the crime and violence lately… is it worth it?

Where she lives now it’s calm and peaceful, but for how long?

She knows she has a life to complete here before she can move on to greener pastures, but how long will this life still take before it is time for her to go on?

Was she getting too impatient waiting for her next life that she astral travelled too much? It was becoming so important to her. Why can’t she explore in the meantime, while waiting?

She looks at Zharor again.”Zharor, what’s going to happen to Earth? Will it be destroyed?”

Zharor looks at Elizabeth. He feels sorry for her. He knows she wants to escape this terrible future, but he also knows that she loves Earth.

He answers her in a calm, reassuring voice. “No Elizabeth. The good people on Earth will remain after the war is over. Then the cleanup begins. But I must warn you, the war will not be pleasant. It will continue for a long time, and the cleanup afterwards will take just as long. This is a good planet and we know it should be kept as part of the Universes. It might be small in relation to other planets, but it is a good place to learn how to run a well-organised life. As you know, we on ERRA do not have the same existence as you here on Earth, but we can help your planet to get organised; to make it a better planet to live on.”

Elizabeth tries to comprehend what Zharor is saying, but is still confused. She leans closer to Zharor as he stares out into the fields.

“Please, can I go with you when you leave?” she asks.

“No, Elizabeth. You need to stay here and assist with the cleanup. You will play a very important role in this and I want you to promise me that you will help wherever you are needed.”

She’s scared of what will happen to this beautiful planet she is currently living on. Is she really going to be okay? Will she get through this in one piece?

When she asks, Zharor re-assured her she will, and she believes him. She lets out a big sigh. She won’t be able to change Zharor’s mind about him taking her with, even if she pleads with him.

“Ok , I will stay” she says, “but I would so much like to go back to ERRA one last time. I want to explore different worlds and live on other planets and even other Universes.”

“Do not worry, Elizabeth. Remember all those weird dreams you are having lately? The ones where you dream of strange buildings? Well, that is when you come and visit us. Your astral travelling takes you to other Universes, but also to us in ERRA. And I promise: I will go with you the next time you go to one of these other planets far away. But I cannot travel with you all the time. You know I have important tasks to complete on ERRA.”

“Of course I do.”

Zharor smiles at Elizabeth. “These places that you dream of are the planets and Universes you visit. They are in the process of working through their problems, and they are also there for you to learn and experience from. You must bring back new knowledge from these places and help your people on Earth do the right thing.”

“I don’t know if I am capable of doing this. How can I be given this huge task? It’s too much responsibility!”

Zharor moves closer to Elizabeth and, in a soft voice, says: “You can do much more that you think you can. You can achieve much. People will look up to you one day, Elizabeth. Just have faith in yourself.”

“What do I need to do now?” Elizabeth asks. “Please tell me.”

“First you must meditate on this plan. Ask the Universe to help you. There is a lot of help out there for you, you just need to ask. I will stay for a while and see that you connect with the right souls from outside. But I cannot stay for too long. I must return to ERRA. They need me there. But when you visit again, I will be waiting for you. ”

Before Elizabeth can answer, Zharor disappears. She’ll miss him, but now she needs to create a plan.

She lies down on the soft grass, exhausted from the discussion with Zharor. She falls into a deep sleep and begins to dream. She is in a weird place: people crowd around her, crowd around the strange buildings.

Elizabeth feels trapped.

She sees a door in the far distance and runs towards it. She needs to get outside, to get away. Elizabeth reaches the door and opens it. She walks through the door.

In front of Elizabeth is a very mysterious place; dark and eerie. In the distance are some buildings. There are some small lights lighting up a pathway. What a strange looking place. She feels that she is in another universe; on another planet. This is not Earth!

The next moment she hears a rustle and a big creature moves slowly to where she is standing. It is huge and looks like a big dragon!


Where is she?

What is this place?

Who is this creature?







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