The EGO – what part does it play in your life?!

(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

I am still busy studying the book: The Light Shall Set You Free, and in chapter 22  I  found some very inspiring information which can be of great help to a lot of us looking to better our lives. The chapter deals with sub-laws of the universe and the behaviors and attitudes that diminish and sustain them. I will break down each sub-law into an article.

Aspiration to a Higher Potential.

My first article deals with the soul’s ambition to evolve and go back to the SOURCE and higher forces that can help it to get a stronger desire to achieve greater things in life.

There are lots of negative influences around us that can hinder us in our journey to achieve better goals for ourselves and the most prominent one is the EGO:

Your EGO plays a big role in your life by stopping you from achieving your goals in life:

  • It sabotages your accomplishments
  • You lack openness
  • You fail in keeping your promises
  • It can bring about a lack of interest in your life
  • You start criticizing others

When your EGO plays a too big a role in your life it can change your attitude in a very negative way:

  • You cannot set proper goals to make a better life for yourself
  • You fear to take risks in your life because you fear failure and therefore you cannot be successful

The feelings of the EGO can influence your life in a big way:

  • Vanity (excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements) – you belief that you are better than others
  • It can make you feel hopeless because your life is not turning out the way you want it to or how others want you to be
  • You have feelings of despair
  • You may even think of death – is it better to die than to be alive? I cannot reach my goals in life – why am I living this wasted life?
  • You then start playing it safe. It is better nottoa start anything than make a mistake and be a failure in the world.

There are however, techniques that can help you align with your Higher Self:

  • You need to have TRUST in the process and Divine Order of the Universe
  • You need to make commitments and keep it

If you follow your inspirations you will make a better life for yourself.

See a part of yourself in everyone else, and follow all the good things that you can learn from others.

Never stay around negative people for more than 5 minutes.

Allow yourself to risk. Make and take a challenge in life and never be too scared to follow it through. If you do not take risks you will not be successful.


Affirmations help us making our mind over and achieving more in life. Use affirmations on a daily basis and repeat them often. Write it down and place it where you can see it and after a while you will notice that your attitude towards life is busy changing for the better. Here are two good affirmations that you may use, but also look up some more or make up your own affirmations that will help you achieve and make a better life for yourself:

  • I am getting better and better every day.
  • The Light within me is expanding and producing miracles in my life.

May your life get BETTER & BETTER



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