The Dimensions

How much longer will you go on letting your energy sleep?

How much longer are you going to stay oblivious of the immensity of yourself?

Don’t lose time in conflict.

Lose no time in doubt – time can never be recovered and if you miss an opportunity it may take many lives before another comes your way again.

Bhanwan Shree Rajneesh  – A Cup of Tea

The Earth is entering the 5th Dimension. How will the world change? If and when it does, how will we change?

While reading chapter 6 of the book, The Light Shall Set You Free written by Dr. Norma Milanovish and Dr. Shirley McCune, I have learned a lot about the different Dimensions and it has helped me to understand how it affects my life.

Lets first of all get a background on how the Universe works:

Everything (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) in the Universe is energy and can be measured and reduced to vibrational frequencies. Every particle, thought, word, object, experience, or emotion has its own vibrational frequency, and that vibration can be measured mathematically.

We exist in the 3rd Dimension. Each Dimension in the Universe contains seven levels (vibrational frequencies) and each level has a curriculum or lessons that we can learn.

When a soul chooses to live in a Dimension, it must first master the curriculum of that Dimension before it is allowed to exit that reality and evolve. We must learn unconditional LOVE through the curriculum of Light before we can evolve. We can learn this by studying the white Light and its seven colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, and violet). We also need to understand that Light is the source of all creation and power. The Light is within us because it contains the energy field in which we live. We are not separate from this energy field.

All Dimensions have consciousness, and they all exist simultaneously. The Ascended Masters vibrate at a level much higher than we do and although we exist simultaneously with them, most of us cannot see them even though they can see us. The ones that can see them can see only with the “Inner” eye, called the Third Eye.

But let’s see what the 7 Dimensions are all about and what they mean:


  • This Dimension is sometimes called the Mineral Kingdom.
  • The frequency range of this Dimension is on a scale from 1 to 7.
  • It is in this Dimension where life force energies begin to flow.
  • Consciousness is experienced through the law of magnetism, gravity, and chemical properties.
  • Consciousness exists in the atom.
  • This is the Dimension of solidification of thought, forms experienced through lowest forms of vibrations known to our existence.
  • Minerals do not need light and they provide precious nutrients needed to sustain life in the plant kingdom.


  • This Dimension is also known as the Plant Kingdom.
  • Its frequency range from 8 to14.
  • Life exists in this Dimension.
  • The Plant Kingdom reproduces itself following perfect patterns in nature:

              –     Plants need light to sustain life.

              –     The Sun provides photons converted in plants, through the process of photosynthesis.


  • This Dimension is also called the Animal Kingdom.
  • Animals and humans form part of this kingdom.
  • The frequency of this Dimension ranges from 15 to 21.
  • Consciousness is very complex. As animals evolve to a higher state, they get higher levels of reactive behaviours.
  • The Human Kingdom is at the top of the Animal Kingdoms scale, and it exists interactively with the Lower Dimensions. Innate intelligence set humans apart from the rest of creation.
  • The 3rd Dimension adds measurement of depth to flat measurements of length and width. It is this quality that supports the physical world around us.
  • The 3rd Dimension is dominated by carbon based material existence (Carbon Formula C6 H6 O6).
  • The 3rd Dimension is ruled by our 5 senses:
  1. Taste
  2. Sight
  3. Smell
  4. Hearing
  5. Touch
  • When we lose ourselves in the world of matter, we also can lose touch with our souls and the Light of the Higher Dimensions.
  • Everything is energy when it is viewed from a higher perspective, but it seems real because things have physical appearance.  The density of matter makes things move in slow motion or slower vibration, and we see reality as limited because it takes so much effort to create. We have difficulty to comprehend the power of the mind and the way in which it rules thought to manifest form, because of the slow motion.
  • A sense of duality rules the 3rd Dimension – we look for black and white answers to questions.
  • We encounter pain, suffering, and emotional challenges while experiencing life on this plane. This way we gather good and bad Kharma.
  • As a soul begins to experience enlightenment and obtain a higher consciousness, we no longer see issues as black and white. The soul then begins to see everything as new meaning, and analyze it in the contexts that it exists. This is a sign that the soul is beginning to evolve out of the illusion of the 3rd Dimension.
  • All humans have the natural ability to see the Dimensions higher than the 3rd Dimensions, although few understand that they can see it.
  • For the Atlanteans it was normal behaviour to connect to their Higher Self, but with the fall of Atlantis, humanity experienced a struggle for survival and became aware of the lower self, dominated by the will of the ego.
  • After 10,000 years of evolution, most people have forgotten not only how to connect with Higher Dimensions, but also that it is even possible to do so.
  • Psychics and mystics have the ability to transcend other realities and dimensions. We often fear these kinds of people who can transcend because our consciousness is not changed to these abilities.


  • This Dimension exists in the range of frequencies from 24-28.
  • It is called the Astral Plane.
  • The Arcturians  (5th Dimensional beings) explain that the 4th Dimension is a vibration that begins to open the heart.
  • Some disembodied souls stay is this Dimension until they can be fully transformed and integrated into higher planes of existence.
  • This Dimension is the transition between the physical world and the higher worlds of the Celestials.
  • It’s a challenging Dimension, and it presently hosts the Battle of Armagedon to transcend forces of opposition and change all into the Light. We will be challenged by these unseen forces until Earth moves through the 4th Dimension and is firmly anchored in the 5th Dimension.
  • Einstein also referred to this Dimension as a time or space continuum because these 2 components (time and space) are not absolutes. They relate only to an individual’s movement through space. Time helps us to wake up our memories of who and what we are.
  • In Dimensions higher than the 3rd Dimension, we can transverse time: move back into past lives and then forward in future. We can return again and again in a cyclical pattern (circular patterns with dimensions of time added which goes upward and onward in a never-ending path) through the totality of our existence.
  • Life evolves in a spiral motion through all the Dimensions – it begins with the Mineral Kingdom and moves to the Higher Dimensions. The Lower Kingdoms support and sustain the Higher ones – they allow for never-ending paths of evolution.


  • We need to experience this Dimension in order to achieve Higher Consciousness.
  • The most accurate way to describe the 5th Dimension is to say that it is a metaphysical world.

Metaphysics is closely related to epistemology (is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion), the study of the nature of knowledge.  It is a Higher frequency (between 29-35) of spiritual evolution that we enter after our Lights bodies (Higher Selves) merge with our physical /energy bodies and we have access to a broader spectrum of colours and souls.

  • This Dimension is where the mind and thoughts manifests according to the Ascended Masters.
  • The 5th Dimension supports creation and will constitute means for bringing Heaven on Earth into the 7th Golden Age. It is here where the heart rules.
  • Frequencies of 5th Dimension are higher than those of the physical, dense world of Earth and can vibrate beyond speed of Light.
  • This Dimension acts as an opening (portal) that provides us with a pathway to the Higher World. This is accomplished through vibrations that resonate higher than the physical, dense world of matter.
  • Before we are allowed into the frequency of this Dimension, we must learn to forgive. The higher vibrations of this Dimension provide us with experiences (like a new curriculum) that require us to choose life-styles and behaviours that differ from those we had in the past.
  • Jesus incarnated 2,000 years ago to open the 4th Dimension portal through his teachings of love and forgiveness, which open the heart to higher consciousness. We can experience greater love when we move through time and space into a state of higher consciousness.  This form of love eliminates judgment and guides us to follow higher truths and wisdom such as the Buddha’s Eightfold Path. Humanity has been given 2,000 years of incarnations to learn these simple lessons.
  • Emerging occurs once the lower 8 bodies are purified, fear and negativity are no longer present and a person has control over mental and emotional bodies. Our resemblance to our present physical bodies will be more refined, and we will be transformed into a higher form of God consciousness.
  • Sense of duality is still present in this Dimension.  You strive to work through your personal “stuff” to solve problems related to duality.
  • Individuals transiting through this Dimension can continue to see things as good/evil male/female light/dark (carry-overs from the 3rd Dimension)
  • Now, slowly the understanding of Oneness (the 5th Dimension curriculum) starts to creep into our consciousness. We now hunger for new knowledge and increased Light and start to find solutions to our problems. Choosing higher consciousness and realities requires us to change.
  • We have limited intelligence that narrows our spectrum of consciousness. As we acquire higher consciousness we discard the constraints that are related to time and move into alternative realities that are accessed through Universal Mind and Thought forms of Higher evolutionary beings of Light.
  • Examples of star systems existing in the 5th Dimension:

–       Pleiades (

–      Arctures (

–      Sirius (

  • The teachings of the Celestial Beings in the 5th Dimension and higher are concerned with the following processes:

–    Process of Evolution

–    Process of moving into a higher consciousness

6th Dimension

  • Is a higher etheric world that integrates new colours and sound waves into its existence.
  • Harmonic rays range between 36-42
  • It is the doorway to the 7th Dimension.
  • This Dimension holds the keys and codes for higher forms of creation using the Merkaboth (a group of angels who stand as the corresponding figures of the seven heavens – Angels A to Z: A Who’s Who of the Heavenly Host By Matthew Bunson).
  • It serves as a bridge between the Ascended Realms and the lower worlds. The 3rd Centcuri (known for their advance theoretical beliefs and technological systems) resides in this Dimension.

7th Dimension

  • This Dimension vibrates at a frequency that supports the existence of the Ascended Masters and Shamballa. ( .
  • It vibrates in a frequency range of between 43 and 49.
  • Another name for this Dimension is the 7th Heaven.
  • It’s the outermost concentric ring enclosing Earth and the home base of most of the angels.
  • It’s a ray of pure love, universal wisdom, and Universal Law.
  • It’s the vehicle for telepathic communications, transmitted from the Ascended Masters to members of the Order of Melchezidek in embodiment on Earth who are assigned to fulfil God’s plan.
  • This ray works with the Divine Mind of the Higher Self to stimulate within the members of the Order the understanding of humanity divinely, to instil in their minds the blueprint of God’s plan to bring in the 7th Golden Age.
  • Light and sound manifestation is brought to one of the highest frequencies that humans are able to comprehend in this Dimension.
  • This Dimension initiates and maintains the coding necessary to work with the Higher Self to assure that the Adam Kadmon (the new 5th Dimensional Human emerging on Earth) will be realised.

Humanity is slowly acquiring the capability to understand these advanced concepts. The higher our consciousness, the more we can see into other dimensions.

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