Deva Premal – Narashima

Narasimha Ta VA Da So Hum

(Nah-rah-seem-ha ta vah dah soh hum)
To gain freedom from evil situations.

~Narasimha invokes the energy for destroying the seemingly indestructible.
Ta, Va and Da invoke energies of the body and direct the energy the mantra creates to accomplish
the highest good.
So hum – is a mantra unto itself; it puts the mind in tune with the divine self within.

~Personal internal work is needed. This can only be done by the individual consciously facing
up to the strings that are keeping them tied to the old way.
Spiritual workers have done everything they can on an individual basis in helping others.
The time has come to focus on one’s path and move into another aspect of spiritual work.
Energy work for the collective will be more beneficial in the new dimension. To raise your
own vibrations helps many people and especially those you come into contact with each day.

~With love, light, inner-peace and blessings White Tara.

I use this Mantra whenever I am surrounded or in contact with negative people (energies). It really calms me and focus my attention on more important stuff and away from negative influences. (LP)

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