Taken from the book : The Light Shall Set you Free by Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

Dedication:  devotion or commitment to a cause or mission.

How dedicated are you?  Are you dedicated to your loved ones, working to create a better career for yourself, making your life better?

Dedication is based on great love. It is to serve humanity.

So often our ego takes over and we display behaviours that are not in line with who we really want to be:

  • You become uncaring: you are self centred. You do not reach out to others.
  • You have a sense of hopelessness and despair: nothing seems to make sense any longer and you feel like your life is pointless.
  • You cannot set goals and objectives: you just carry on in the same old ways and do not try new things. You have no goals at all. What if I fail, is often what you ask yourself!
  • You have a lack of staying focused and committed: there are too many distractions around you. It is easier for you to watch TV than to play with the kids, work out new ideas for your career, or start doing exercise.
  • You feel that you are disconnected from God: you feel hopeless and not worth anything to anybody. You have a feeling that God is too far away to reach and he does not listen to you. It takes too long for your prayers to be answered.
  • You rather listen to others than listening to your own inner guidance: you ignore your gut feeling. How many times has this happened to us – we ask someone else what we should do in a situation when all the while you just need to listen to your own gut feeling. What do you feel? Sit down and wait and you will get the answer. Or, chat to your personal guides. I often ask my guides to help me in situations that are stressful or that I need guidance in, especially in my career, and I always get an answer – a meeting will go well, my mind will guide me to think in the right direction. So many times I have had assistance from my guides. And I really try to follow my gut feeling as it always works for me.
  • You show apathy towards self-improvement: self-improvement needs to take place on a daily basis. Don’t get stagnated in the same old routines and ideas. Learn new things every day. Read, study, and surround yourself with people that will benefit you intellectually.
  • You lack discipline: most of us lack discipline to finish what we started.

It is so easy to give up and say:

  • this was not for me
  • I do not have the talent to do this
  • I do not have the time.

Sometimes we have to do stuff that we don’t like, and that takes discipline to complete the task. All tasks have a bit of boring in it but if you practise and get past the boring stages then you become more and more disciplined each day.

  • You lack will and are not committed: how many times have you wanted to start a project but you do not have the will! You cannot commit yourself to news tasks.

Your ego is telling you:

  • this is too hard
  • I cannot do it
  • I am too old to learn new things
  • I do not have enough money to start this new project

We think up so many excuses and then simply give up without even trying.

Some of the feelings that we show when our ego takes over and we are not dedicated enough to start something new, can be:

  • Indifference: it does not really matter if I do this or not.
  • Alienation: you walk away from all things new. This is not for me. I cannot do this, it’s too hard.
  • Unconcern: you do not care about others / how it will affects the people closest to you.
  • Passiveness: someone who allows things to happen or who accepts what other people do or decide without trying to change anything. You cannot make your own decisions, work out our own plans – you are a sheeple (easily lead by others).
  • Disorganisation: you do not have the drive to organise your life, your career, your family. You just carry on in the same old ways. No new adventures, no new goals.

What can we do to align with our higher self to become a better, more dedicated person? Here are a few points that can help us:

  • Understand that you have a higher purpose in life and operate on a higher level.
  • Request daily that the Light penetrate your essence and give you the energy and strength needed to pursue your life’s plan.
  • Set goals and objectives – and make a plan to reach them.

Learn to TRUST and follow your inner guidance.


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