The Dance

Twilight time, the haze of mixed emotions
The breath slows, the heart stills
The mind settles
Into a groove of thoughtless wonder

Past dreams and the drama of tomorrow
The letting go of blood and bone
The shedding of a skin
To slip into something more comfortable

Endless sea of not forgotten faces
A fond embrace, a gentle touch
I search the crowd this night to see
Who will dance with me.

The Dance of a thousand ages
Familiar melody, ancient verse
Swept away and floating
Moving to an ancient rhythm

First one and then another
Place and people, motion and emotion
Reuniting and entwining
In geometric time

The Lessons acted out so well
We laugh, we cry
And reminisce
And vow next time to write a better play

Twilight time just before darkness
I drift away on memories of being free
And wonder this night
Who will dance with me

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