(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

This is a Sub Law governed by your Higher Self

“You should never make a life changing decision from the bottom of a mountain

Always do it from the top. “

What is courage?  COURAGE; to be firm of mind and actions in the face of opposition.

Do you have courage?

How do you build up courage?

Let’s look at some famous people that had the courage to conform their lives and the lives of others around them:


He is courageous enough to make America become a better nation. He is a very successful business and believes in himself enough to now run and govern a country. That is COURAGE!


Charles had the courage to make the first nonstop flight from Long IslandNew York, to Paris. He made the  33 12-hour, 3,600 statute miles (5,800 km) alone in a single-engine purpose-built Ryan monoplaneSpirit of St. Louis. That takes courage!


As a religious child, her faith was strengthened by visions of God commanding her to lead the French nation to victory. She gained an audience with the French leader and impressed him with her fervour, and he gave her control of an army. (


Overcame the dual disability of deaf blindness to champion the deaf and help improve society’s treatment of deaf people. (

If you have courage you can achieve the impossible: it does not matter how big or small the situation is.

What is the purpose of having courage?

  • If we have courage we can do great things in life.
  • We can build a better future.
  • We can stand up for ourselves and be recognised.

What behaviours do our EGO’s exhibit that can prevent us from being courageous:

– You have a lack of ability to stand in your truth – stand up for what you believe in.

– You are allowing others to take your power. You are too scared or too embarrassed to speak the truth; telling others what you believe in. Your ego makes you believe that you are not good enough.

–  You are allowing yourself to be intimidated by others. People walk all over you and you cannot stand up for yourself.

What attitudes do we tell our EGO’s to cultivate to prevent us from being courageous?

– We conform to PEER PRESSURE. Peer pressure is such a dangerous situation to conform to. It makes us scared to not be liked, to be different and not fit in.

– We fear failure. None of us want to fail at the things we do but we need to be courageous to stand out and be different from the rest. It will not always be easy but one step at a time can help us achieving success in life. Always fearing will bring us nowhere.

– We fear confrontation. We are too scared to say what is on our mind as to avoid being talked down by others.  We fear being drawn into an argument, so then we just keep quiet and do not say what is on our heart and mind. We agree with the rest of the world and then never achieve what we need to in life.
After you have been living so long with what your EGO wants you to do, you now start to feel like:

– A coward. You blame yourself for not being strong enough to reach the goal you have always dreamed off. You start to withdraw from society. You feel you are not good enough for anything. You will never achieve anything in life: you are not clever enough, strong enough, famous enough, and good looking enough etc….

– You feel timid; you are too shy to stand up and confront others. You become an introvert and cannot open up in public speaking. You are the flower on the wall always standing to one side and not getting in the middle of the crowd. You are not the popular one.

– You become weak; you fail in achieving in life not believing you can do it. You feel like an outsider and not good enough and therefore do not make friends and participate in public speaking. Your life becomes dull because you are always hiding from society.

-Ambivalent: you have mixed feelings and do not know what to do next. Your EGO say one thing but your mind says another. You do not believe in yourself any more.

There are however techniques that can help you to align with your Higher Self :

– Stay calm and centered in opposition and turmoil. When the world is chaotic around you try and stay calm. Allow you Higher Self to guide you.

– Never fight EMOTION with EMOTION

– Stick to the facts and data of a situation and try and solve it without a fight or harsh words.

– Don’t get emotional or cross. Approach all cases and scenarios with a calm mind. A calm mind can think better and can take you through the situation in a safe way and help you not to land in trouble.

–  Always analyze the worst case scenario when a problem arises. What will happen to me if I lose my cool?  Is it worth it? You can land in big trouble and will be sorry for what you got yourself into just because you did not listen to the voice inside you that told you to back out and get away from the situation.

– Make a plan to rather get away from trouble than to go in and fight.

– Follow through with your plan. If any situation gets too hot to handle work out how you can avoid getting away from the troubled situation.

– JUST DO IT!!! This had always been my motto for my kids when they grew up and today they are go-getters and achievers in their own way. Fearing and being too scared to try something new will never bring you to the goals you want to reach. If you have a dream, go in there; grab it by the horns and JUST DO IT! If you do not succeed at first, then you know you at least tried it and then work out something better or different but JUST DO IT.

– To respect timing and sequencing of all critical events is very important. You might find yourself in a place and time where you do not belong at that moment and then staying can be dangerous for you. Get out as soon as you see a situation is getting dangerous. Do not try and be a hero. If your Higher Self tells you to GO then you better run and make it fast. Listen to your Higher Self. Do not be too strong and think you can change a situation – you might be the one that will get the wrong side of the stick and end up being badly hurt.

Affirmations are always good to know. It keeps you going when you are weak and keeps your mind alert to situations that can be dangerous or uncomfortable. Here are a few affirmations that can help you to build up your courage:

1) I am confident that I am fulfilling my DIVINE PLAN

2) My inner guidance is clear and I now have the courage to follow it.

3) I now have the confidence to speak my truth.



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