The definition of compassion: a sympathetic awareness of another’s distress, often through unconditional love.

What is the purpose of compassion?

Compassion is the quality that teaches that there is perfection in all things and that we are to have sympathy for others, even though they may not see things the way we do.

Compassion replaces judgment.

There are many behaviors and attitudes that are governed by the Ego of which we must take note of and try to eliminate to cultivate a more compassionate attitude.


  • behaving cruelly toward people and animals
  • persecuting others
  • tyrannizing others
  • judging others
  • inflicting injustice/injuries on others a punishment


  • a need to feel superior
  • you want to feel better than others

Your ego/negative side may take over and you may have some of the following feelings: feelings of being alone, hatred, anger, unforgiveness, revenge, disappointment, noninvolvement, and apathy.

Now here are some techniques you may use to align with your higher self to eliminate the negative feelings:

  • stay SILENT and “bite your tongue” before saying something cruel
  • listen to others to understand their perspectives
  • practice random acts of kindness
  • stop judging yourself and others
  • distance yourself from others and lovingly observe them
  • practice thinking kind thoughts
  • show tenderness, objectivity, and empathy towards others without smothering them

You may also make use of affirmations to cultivate compassion in yourself. Here are two that you may use or create your own:

1) I no longer judge myself or others

2) I accept myself and others unconditionally

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