Colour for Beginners


This colour represents inspiration, spirituality and sacredness. It also represents selflessness, loving, tolerance and intuitiveness. It enhances the imagination.


This colour represents calmness, dignity, idealism, justice, wisdom, and service to humanity.

Wear it for inspiration, intuition and spirituality.


This colour represents nurturing and love, is gentle, compassionate, self-sacrificing and giving. It is a feminine, innocent, positive and cheerful colour.


This colour represents purity, innocence and protection. It provides sensation of freedom and unlimited opportunities.

It eliminates negativity, and encourages forgiveness and acceptance.


This colour represents the Earth, fall and is a grounding colour. It also represents good health, hard work, stability, and reward through effort. It enhances all of the other colours.


This colour represents sophistication, power, and mystery. Black absorbs light but reflects none back.

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