Climbing a Mountain

I am climbing a mountain. I look up while busy climbing – it’s very high! There are lots of people (all men and younger boys) climbing with me.

I am about half way up the mountain. The ground is very slippery, but there are also solid rock  areas with sand giving way underneath me as soon as I step on it. I see the rocks and sand falling down the mountain. I am scared but I know I need to go forward and climb to the top.

Mountain woman climber 1

Right behind me is a deep and wide chasm going straight down!  I can see the other side of the chasm. It is very deep, and I know I cannot go back because of the deep chasm, as I will fall down it and I cannot cross it! The only way is UP!


The men encourage me to move on and not give up. They say I will be ok and they will be there to help me I do not need to worry. There is a young boy with me all the time. He is about 4 years old. He wants to go back, down the mountain.  I grab him and hold him and we climb to the top. I tell him we cannot go back down the mountain as it is too dangerous. I feel the sand give way underneath my feet, but soon find a solid piece of rock to stand on, and start moving up the mountain again.

The mountain is black, like lava, and it’s rocky with lots of sharp points sticking out. I am at another chasm – standing on the edge. The men are calling me from higher up and encourage me again to not give up but to move on to the top of the mountain. I start climbing again. This is hard work but I can now feel that I will reach the top. I have a lot of encouragement from everyone. I know I will succeed.

Woman standing on mountain


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