(taken from the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune)

The definition of CHARITY: generosity and helpfulness especially towards the needy and suffering.

Another word for charity is philanthropy or benevolence towards other people.

What is the purpose of being charitable?

If you give you will receive tenfold back.

You demonstrate your love for humanity by giving:
– Give your time to help others.
– Give a small gift. You do not need to give expensive gifts. A small simple gift will warm someone hearts just as much as an expensive gift. The act of giving makes you feel good as well as the person who receives the gift.
– Help someone in need. So many of us need help not just monitory help but attention as well. Helping a colleague at work when they are stuck on a project and cannot cope alone will make you feel better and the company growing faster and the workload will flow better.
– Help an older person across the street. Help them with their shopping/take them shopping or just sit down and listen to what they have to say. Quality time spend with an older person can open your perspective on life. We can all learn so much from the older generation.

Behaviors and attitudes that is governed by the EGO:
The EGO again plays a big part in our outlook when we have to be charitable.
Some behavior patterns (and there are many more) that can play a negative part in your life and stop you from being charitable:
– By having a general dislike for humanity. Some people cut themselves off from people and become isolated and live a reclusive life. This can have a negative effect on your soul. Being around and with people help us build good characters and help our souls evolve. Racism also has a very bad negative influence in a person’s life. Not wanting to give to a certain race of people and only to other races can narrow your outlook on life.
– Being scared to go out and find new friends and new activities can also be a big negative. Your EGO can make you fear to go out and get to know new people – what if they do not like me? What if I make a mistake and they criticize me? What if they do not like the present I bought them. Now you stop doing anything charitable because fear holds you back.
– You do not trust others. You stop helping and giving because of fear that they will come back and will want more from you. In South Africa we experience a lot of crime. Because of the ongoing crime we have stopped to be charitable to people in need because we do not trust them. You give today and tomorrow they come and steal from you because you have so much to give away! But what about the innocent needy people? We draw back from giving because of fear of losing. This can be the same with loving someone and they broke your trust in them. It is hard to then love again and giving someone else the love they deserve.

Attitudes that can influence your charitable side:
 You belief that you are being used. You belief that some people just use your time and your resources for their personal gain and not because they need of charity. You feel they sponge on you. You then start holding back on giving because you are scared that they do not deserve or need it.
 We can become poverty conscious and belief that there is not enough abundance for us all on the Earth. You hold back and then do not give out of fear of not having enough to see you through in life. You fear being poor and helpless. You become stingy with your sharing and giving.

Your EGO can make you feel:
– That something is lacking in your life.
– You feel insecure.
– You feel useless and not good enough.
– You experience periods of malevolence. You become spiteful, and mean towards other people because you do not have what they have. You are bitter because your career has failed while others have succeeded.
– Now your thoughts drift to being unworthy in life: unworthy of getting a better or the best job, getting a good loving partner, having friends. It is not worth living any longer – why do you always get the short end of the stick?
– Greed can play havoc in your life. Not giving a little of your time, money and resources to others, just wanting to keep it all for yourself can cause a lot of negative reactions in your life. Give more to others and you will receive more. By not giving enough towards your fellow man will make you drift away from people and in the end become isolated and live an unhappy, lonely life.

Techniques for aligning with the Higher Self:
It is important for us all to align with our Higher Self to become better human beings and evolve.
– We need to give without wanting a return.
– Give freely without regretting the gift that you made. Know that the law of tenfold will apply with every gift that you give.

The law of tenfold return is one of many universal laws. This law says that what ever you give, whether it’s money, time, donations, labor or anything else within your life, including love, you will receive the same back multiplied 10 times.
The more that you give the faster it will multiply. Galatians 6:7 “be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” giving must be done in love, as any gift given must be from the heart to be returned, multiplied tenfold. This law of tenfold return is also known as the process of you reap what you sow.

Law of TenFold Return Step by Step

– You will feel so much joy when you give from your heart and will receive a lot in return: a warm smile, gratitude, a feeling that you belong, a feeling that you are worth something to someone.
– Belief that others will help you. Do not mistrust. By giving you will be receiving – not always in the way you want or think you need to be returned but somewhere in your future life you will receive a gift that will make your life worth living.
– Do not just give to other people but remember to gift to yourself as well. It is important to also look after yourself and give yourself:
• more time to reload. Be balanced when giving your time to others. Always remember when you give that time for yourself is also important and means you become a better person that will be happier and more energized to give more quality time to others.• a better future. Plan your future, your career. In this way you can create wealth to help others.
• better resources. Make sure you can get around, be more adventurous and see and get to know more people. This way you can broaden your horizons and also have more wisdom and develop intellect to help others.

See a part of yourself in everyone you observe.

Affirmations are always good in clarifying the mind. It purifies the mind and helps to eliminate negative ideas. It helps to restructure our thought patterns. Some good affirmations that you may use to help you to become more charitable:
1) There is plenty for everyone.
2) Humanity’s greatest strength is in its diversity.
3) People everywhere are all children of ONE GOD.
4) As I give, I make room for more.


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