Cause & Effect

The Buddha speaks about Cause and Effect.

I visited the  NAN HUA BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, South Africa a while ago and found some interesting literature. One of the books was about Karmic Law: Cause and Effect.

Who can you blame for your life, when it is hell?


I am sure that we have (at some stage of our life) all wondered why some people are rich, when others are poor and lead miserable lives. These are just some of the effects of Karmic Law. We inherit Karmic effects from our previous lives.

At a Lin-Shan Assembly where 1,250 followers attended, Ananda, one of the chief disciples humbly asked Sakyumuni Buddha about Karma, the Laws of cause and effect. These are some of the points Buddha mentioned:

If your want a happy and prosperous next life there are some rules you need to follow is this life:

    1. Respect your parents
    2. Respect Buddha’s teachings
    3. Respect Buddhist Monks
    4. Abstain from killing
    5. Set free sentient beings
    6. Abstain from eating meat
    7. Be charitable

Wealth and dignity come from one’s destiny, from causes planted in your previous (past) life.
Kind men and women listen to causes and effect of karmic deeds.

“Robing Thus Come Ones”. Gilding Buddhism is for your own gain, when doing this you “robe” yourself.

Here are just a few examples of good deeds that one could have been done in the past (Karmic causes) and the Effects it might have on you today:

  • If you are fortunate to own a car today – in the past you repaired broken bridges and paved roads for the benefit of others.
  • If you have proper clothing today – in the past you donated warm clothing to monks.
  • If you have enough food to eat today – in the past you donated food to the poor.
  • If you have a nice house or own buildings today – in the past you donated to monasteries.
  • If you are prosperous and happy today you have donated money to build temples and public shelters for the poor in your past life/lives.
  • If you are handsome/pretty today, you offered flowers to Buddha’s altar in your past life.
  • Are you liked by others? In your past life you created good relationships with people.
  • If someone teaches the Cause and Effect Sutra, he will be intelligent lifetime after lifetime.
  • If you print and give out the Cause and Effect Sutra (tell other people about it) you will be reborn into the body of a King in you next life.
  • If you preach the Cause and Effect Sutra, your wisdom will increase in this lifetime and future lives.

Some examples of wrong deeds done in the past and the effects it can have on your life today:

  • People who starve today and are without clothing – in the past they were too stingy to donate to charity.
  • Are you an orphan in today’s life? In your past life you were a bird shooter.
  • Are you heirless? In your past life you habitually destroyed flowers.
  • People who live short life’s probably killed a living creature in one of their past lives.
  • If you are a slave today, you forgot to return favours.
  • If you are blind in today’s life, you damaged roads that caused injury and blindness to people in your past life.

These are just some examples of what the Causes can be in a future life if you did wrong in your past life. Cause and Effect takes it’s course. Think about everything you have done and will still do in future in this life. Do not say that there is no Cause and Effect. It is NOW, not later.

Today’s blessings come from yesterday’s good behavior. If you create evil in this life, you will sink into degradation. All Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas will bear witness to you, if you abide by the Cause and Effect Sutra. The Cause and Effect Sutra (Past, Present and Future) says without end, that heaven will treat good people well.

If you want to know what the Causes were in your past lives, they are what you reap in this life.

If you want to know what the Effects will be in your future life, they are what you do in this life.


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