When done systematically, mantra has a powerful effect on the brain.

It gathers and focuses the energy of the mind.

It teaches the mind to focus on one point, and it cultivates a steadiness that over time becomes an unshakable evenness of temper.

Elizabeth and the giant lobster

Elizabeth walks up the steep hill. She is wearing a beautiful turquoise dress today. It feels so lovely to be outside in the open air on such a lovely afternoon. She is glad that she took the break; she had a lot of work this morning but now she just wants to enjoy her surroundings up here on the hill.

The sun is baking down on her back as she sits down on the grass in front of a cave cut into the mountainside. Elizabeth feels content. For now, her work can wait.

The sun highlights streaks of gold in her hair. Nothing can disturb her here on the quiet mountain side. She listens to the birds chirping in a tree far away – not even that sound is loud enough to disturb the quietness she feels around her. The joyful chirping adds to her lovely surroundings and the sensation of peace around her.

She is happy.

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Universal Laws

Taken from the book The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune


Universal Laws are expressions of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.

– Universal Laws are the Framework/Guidelines for our behaviours and what affects our lives.

– It is the Foundation for what is expected of us.

– It provides an expression of right living.

– Understanding the Universal Laws help us to take control of our lives and provide us with a way to become God-realized.

– It provides us with a knowledge-of-results framework.

– When we learn the Universal Laws and analyze them, we realize the importance of them in our lives.

– They are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the ancient world.

– It helps us to understand how people achieved greatness in the time of the Six Golden Ages.

– The Truths can be traced back to Hermes Trismegistus. He was a Master of all Masters, and he touched all civilization on Earth. His truths were integrated into all master religions in lands around the world.

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