Reincarnation by Ronel van Tonder

How sweet the air is tonight

(Silky caramel melting on your fingertips).

Perfect teal sky

A beautiful rushing breeze

That makes the green trees and bushes

Dance with each other.

Maybe they all know that tonight I will die…

(They’re celebrating!).

Knowing soon I will become incorporated

Into the strata of life again.

Ready to be molded into an intricate Vessel.

Only to die later on,

In the time-honoured tradition.

Dance, tree, dance,

For tomorrow

I will be right by your side….

A lime sapling reaching for the sun,

The gritty soil between my toes.

 Author: Ronel van Tonder

Prayer for a Happy New Year (Peace) – Yogi Bhajan

In God’s love for you alone, life unfolds

Like a silken cone unwinds.

And we are all woven, one with God.

Strands of silk,

Sacred and divine.

The drums of war are loud and clear,

But hope of peace is also near.

If the Word of God will lead the people

And compassion will flow with the beat of the heart,

The human race will find its essence.

Let us pray for love of peace.

Let us pray for love of truth.

Let us pray for everyone to pray

For the innocent in bondage

Miles and miles away.

Let us pray for the innocent victims.

Let us pray on the death of the innocents–

Those humans created in the image of God,

Tortured by men with earthly authority,

Actions so far away from morality.

In my prayer

I wish you the wealth of peace

To make beautiful our tomorrow

Where human beings can live in love

Forever free from sorrow.


Die winter kou aan my se lyf

laat my liggaam koud en styf

hare staan regop op hoender se vleis

lippe gekleur in blou en grys

Die laken is koud voel eintlik nat

jy kan nie aan my met jou koue hande vat

ek kry so koud my tande klap

ek kry so koud man, ek kan dit nie meer vat!

Die winterval is ‘n afgryslike ding

jy hoor geen voëltjies in die more sing

die ys maak ‘n waterkring

op die voeltjiebak se ronding

Voetspore in die vroegoggend ryp

die water is gevries in die kraan se pyp

om koue uit my lyf te dwing

warmte van my geliefde se omhelsing

stadig voel ek die koue pyn verdwyn

die winterval wegkwyn

Liefde is deur dik en dun

altyd die antwoord op elke ding

Author: EC

Lessons from a Garden

In the spring I planted seeds….
Just a few of this, and a few of that
When the first shoots peeked out from the dark earth, I smiled
And I knew then, all was possible

Then the shoots turned to plants…. tiny promising flowers
That reminded me of how I am always just beginning
Of times that I tried to create before I was ready
And so I plucked each small blossom with a gratuitous prayer
Believing that such sacrifice would surely bring abundance
Branches burst forth….and then died back….
I fought through barbed jungles of vines and stalks
I tore and primped… I dug and covered….
I made executive decisions…
My garden lurched and bucked, answered and reached…
Suddenly sunflowers grew like skyscrapers
Tomatoes stood like pregnant women all in a row
It seemed our family would never go hungry
It seemed that there would always be enough
Again I smiled
Aware of what I was capable of
Growth Unlimited
Death and Rebirth
Record breaking heights
Constant Transformation
Nourishing those that care enough to support me in my growth
I am a garden
My garden is me
Some change is small
Some change is large
Who are we to say which is which?
I think I’ll plant some seeds again this next spring…
Just to remind myself …of what I might become
Of what I already am


There are shreds of life that surround us,

Like a silk cloak….

It makes us invisible,

Painting us in a colour

That no one can see.

To the naked eye, we become naked,

To the unseeing eye, we become unseen.

And our third eye watches,

As we dissolve into unclarity,

As we are consumed by uncertainty,

As we fall prey to indifference.

Invisible we are to all who care not so see.

Invisible we will remain until love sets us free.

Invisible, we die, and are forgotten…..

as though we never were.

Author: Ronel van Tonder

I Love the Ocean!

The following poem is translated from Russian by Anton Teplyy.

I Love the Ocean!

I love to embrace and caress the Ocean!
Immerse myself into His eternity and universality…
I love the Ocean! By myriads of hands
I am experiencing His infinity around…

I love the Ocean! The Primordial Self
Washes away, swallows up the borders of me…
I love the Ocean! Having become infinite,
I am holding all living beings on the universal hands!
Anton Teplyy,

July 2005

Trees – Author: Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.



Air Spirits by Letecia Pheiffer

I watch the Air Spirits come into my garden on a breeze.

I see them play in the trees,

They take care of the birds and the bees,

let them move on the summer breeze.

Then they take off on a hurl,

and causes a twirl.

They let the dust fly all over,

and stir the clover.

Then they disappear,

and it is quiet clear,

that we need them, so dear.

Author: Letecia Pheiffer

Stryd van ‘n Enkele

Deur al die donker diepte

Worstel sy met haar geliefde

Soveel aande heen van smagte

Soveel aande heen verwagte

Om elke oomblik te herleef

Wat so aan hartstog bly kleef

So aanhoudend sal sy ween

Weet elkeen van geeneen

Wat arms het wat kan toevou

Aan liefde waaraan sy wil klou

Eendag sal sy staan opsy

En almal om haar vermy

Los nou die harde stryd

Dit het sy nou besluit

Om geeneen te vra van elkeen

Niemand wil saam met haar ween

Nou loop sy die pad enkel

En vergeet van elke skenkel

Wat haar nie saam wil vat

Op hul lank verwagte lewenspad

Die styd is verby

Daaroor geen enkele stryd

En wat staan voor haar deur

Die reuk van rosegeur

Hy het haar kom haal

Om saam die lewe op te saal

Sy’t nie eens gesoek gevra

Haar gevra om sy ring te dra!

Author: EC