Gobinday Mukhanday Mantra – Snatam Kaur


Is your subconscious overloaded with many, many things that you have stored there over the years?

I was “lacking” something- I felt that I could not “take it” any longer.

I was looking for help and read about this Mantra. It helps to clean your subconscious. It get’s rid of all the old stuff – like cleaning out an overfull cupboard or room, getting rid of all the stuff that you hoarded there over the years.

I say this Mantra now every day and can feel the difference already. My mind feels lighter. I feel better. Try it – you will feel the difference.



Ardas Bahee – Mantra Prayer


Yogi Bhajan said of Ardas Bhaee, “Normally there is no power in the human but the power of prayer. And to do prayer, you have to put your mind and body together and then pray from the soul. Ardas Bahee is a mantra prayer. If you sing it, your mind, body and soul automatically combine and without saying what you want, the need of life is adjusted. That is the beauty of this prayer.”

Deva Premal – Om Tare Tuttare Soha

In Tibetan, Tara is known as Drolma, the Salvadora. She is the manifestation of the feminine energy of the enlightened mind: the full Wisdom.

Green Tara is the feminine energy of creation and intuition. To develop that energy within us, we will have more vitality and willingness to make our life projects, as Tara removes mental barriers created by fear and laziness. The energy of Tara helps us to quickly put ideas into action.

An unwritten practice idea is just a thought. When we put our ideas into action, give life and energy to our thoughts as we call creation.

Reciting this mantra Om Tate Tutare Ture Soha helps to eliminate internal noise such as fear, anger and resentment. Bring protection, faith and courage. It is said also decreases the chance of getting Alzhaimer.

OM means the sacred body, speech and mind of Tara.

That TARE releasing the true suffering.

TUTTARE eliminating all fears.

TURE granted all the success.

SOHA means having the strength to root in my mind the meaning of the mantra.
(from: Healing the Soul – http://mer-sanandoelalma.blogspot.com/)