Alien Communication

Have you ever communicated with aliens?  There is a lot of speculation and questions about aliens these days. A lot of people have been claiming that they were abducted by aliens.  Space ships landing on earth, aliens being hidden by governments and other secrets being kept from us. Will we ever know if they are real? I believe they are.

I had a dream a few years ago about an alien. It was around 2004. This dream was so intense that I knew this must have been for real. For me at least .communicated telepathically with an alien.



He was standing right in front of me and I could feel the telepathic “vibrations” of communication coming from him towards me.  In my mind I understood what he was saying to me. It felt to me that I knew this alien and I was not scared of him at all.  When I woke up I could not remember (in “earth” language) what he said to me – what a pity! It could have been important information but maybe I will know at a later stage in my life here on earth.

Was I one of them in an earlier life? Or will I meet up with them and become one of them in a future life?


Climbing a Mountain

I am climbing a mountain. I look up while busy climbing – it’s very high! There are lots of people (all men and younger boys) climbing with me.

I am about half way up the mountain. The ground is very slippery, but there are also solid rock  areas with sand giving way underneath me as soon as I step on it. I see the rocks and sand falling down the mountain. I am scared but I know I need to go forward and climb to the top.

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Red Sorrow (Rooi Verdriet)

I wake up in a very old house. My spouse is with me. Everything in the house is old, including the bed linen. I ask my spouse, “Where are we”? He replies: “We are renting this house”.

I hear voices outside the bedroom window, and when I open the curtains, I see a pavilion outside the window. Instead of people, there are rows upon rows of birds which look almost like vultures.
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