Ask and it Will be Given to You (Matthew 7.7)

How many of us have the perfect job, stay in a nice neighbourhood, have good friends even have a good enough reliable car? The Bible verse above is a good one to remember. When you ask God what you need, it will be given to you. Ask God to help you make the right decisions in life, in everything that you need. Life is full of decision making and when we bring God into our lives and ask him to help us we will become successful.

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Be First – No: 1 (for a change)

Most of us put ourselves last in life, in most things we do.


  • We want to please everyone else around us.
  • We do not have the confidence to say no.
  • We want to look good in other people’s eyes.

Sometimes it is good to be humble and be the least but it is not always a good thing when we neglect ourselves. It is not good for our self-esteem or our soul. To excel in life, you need to be a winner. To be a winner, you need to be first. That means hard work, diligence and determination.

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Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

“Aquarian Age Prosperity Affirmation Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity is perpetual with people who prefer to be penetrating, prepared and purposeful. But prosperity only comes to those who are trustworthy, those who deliver and those who are content and consistent. Basically, it boils down to commitment. If you put your soul into anything, you can win the whole world. It will be yours. You can sweep prosperity with your commitment. Contain, commit and be continuous.”
-Yogi Bhajan

I read the above quote by Yogi Bhajan, and this inspired me to think about my dreams. It’s our dreams that keep us alive, keep us going, and give us a purpose in life. Without our dreams, life would be pretty boring and dull. We will not have goals to live for or to live by.  Continue reading “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams”

To Be One’s Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss | Spiritual Awakening

A visit to the Nanhua Temple, situated in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, South Africa, is a wonderful experience. It is a beautiful peaceful place to go and relax and to meditate. I love the beautiful setting and temples and the friendly people you meet there.

While on my visits there, I always take the latest Nanhua Newsletter. The article below was in one of the older newsletters. This is the full article as it appeared in the newsletter. Continue reading “To Be One’s Own Boss”