Vegetable Gardening in Australia

Vegetable Gardening in Australia | Spiritual Awakening

I live in Brisbane, on Australia’s East Coast. Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate, which means that in summer the average temperature hovers around 32 degrees and we virtually never get frost.

Summer here means very high humidity, hot enough to kill most European vegetables and flowers! We adjust to this by growing plants that can handle the heat, like snake-beans and chokos (a kind of tropical squash), basil, sage and rosemary and small Thai tomatoes.

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Sekhmet – Keeper of the flame

Sekmet | Spiritual Awakening

Not many of us can afford to travel the world. For some/most of us it is just too expensive. We can, however, travel “mentally” when we read articles like the one below that was placed in the Australian ‘Living Now’ magazine.

Sandy Housnell, the author of this article, is a spiritual counselor, Orion/Theta teacher/healer, clairvoyant, hypnotherapist working with spirits since childhood. She shares her knowledge accompanying groups to Egypt to explore past lives.

Thank you Sandy for taking us on this tour through an amazing temple, and the history of Sekhmet!

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The Mantra of Protection

Mantra of Protection | The Green Tara Mantra

I used this Mantra of protection a few days ago to protect me from a jealous person.  I had a heated discussion with someone whom I know. I became angry towards this person about a trivial thing. We flung angry words at each other and I knew this person would never understand the changes they needed to make and what was expected of them. Continue reading “The Mantra of Protection”