Be First – No: 1 (for a change)

Most of us put ourselves last in life, in most things we do.


  • We want to please everyone else around us.
  • We do not have the confidence to say no.
  • We want to look good in other people’s eyes.

Sometimes it is good to be humble and be the least but it is not always a good thing when we neglect ourselves. It is not good for our self-esteem or our soul. To excel in life, you need to be a winner. To be a winner, you need to be first. That means hard work, diligence and determination.

How can you be Number 1:

Pamper yourself for a change. Find out what makes you happy and make it a reality.

i.          Buy yourself something nice.

ii.         Enjoy nature.

iii.       Go to an art gallery.

iv.       Enjoy some lovely music.

v.        Look after your health. Eat healthy and exercise regularly.

vi.       Pamper your soul – you cannot be happy if your soul is not happy.

vii.      Pray.

viii.     Meditate.

ix.        Be quiet in yourself.

x.         Get inspiration from everything and everyone around you.

“ It is never too late to enjoy something new and exciting, or to be inspired”.



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