From the book: The Light Shall Set You Free – Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune

The aura is the dimension above the physical body which facilitates our psychological processes. It is the means by which our core self is transmitted to our physical body. Maintaining a balance in our auric field is essential for good health.

Auric Colours:

auric colours
Auric Colours
– Blue: higher vibrations of moving energy
– Purple: most advanced
– White: lower level – a beginner
– Off-White with reddish shades: lower intermediate
– Yellow: Intermediate
– Light Blue: Upper Intermediate
– Light Blue with no traces of yellow, moving towards traces of purple: Advanced level
– Dark Blueish-Purple: Highly Advance

What we need to do to attain auras of pure energy:
– we need to acquire an aura of White Light
– we need to develop an open mind
– we need to experience Tests of Initiation:

• this is events placed in our normal life experiences. We are placed in areas to:
1) learn lessons of the heart
2) focus our will
3) acquire higher values
4) balance male and female energies within
5) learn unconditional love and forgiveness
– we need to integrate golden energy of the Great Central Sun into our consciousness and auric fields.


– we need to synchronize our hearts and minds
– we need to connect through our Higher Selves to our chakras that is situated above our heads.

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